Fear ~ Happiness’s Greatest Enemy

Fear ~ Happiness’s Greatest Enemy

Following on from the previous Blog. I ask you to think about fear, if you have read the previous blog, it guides the reader to think carefully about making difficult choices.

I ask you to think about standing up for yourself! Many people are frightened to complain or make their ‘position’ clear to those who are effecting their life. You will already know the statement “anything for a quite life” and in reality this is not the best of ways to deal with a difficult person or situation.

Politicians and authorities use fear to control you, as do friends, partners and associates (it all boils down to ~ if you do not do this ~ I will do that ~ and that will make your life difficult) life really can be like entering a boxing ring, and you, the opponent are 25 pounds under weight.

F.E.A.R means a false expectation that appears real ~ False ~ Expectation ~ Appears ~ Real.

Do not procrastinate about anything! difficult I know, if you have to procrastinate do so with positive and brave thought’s (more about this in a moment)

Procrastination will re-enforce a false idea ~ Lets investigate a well known situation.

A man has a fear of visiting the dentist, fools have told him lies about torturous dental procedures, before he even sits in the comfortable dental chair, he is frightened, even though there is NO short term dental treatment, which comes near to the total and agonizing pain which inevitably comes from dental neglect.

Around and around his false expectations spin like a carousel! He falsely fears the beneficial treatment, he weighs up the pros and cons, just like the horses rising and falling on the fair ground attraction. He expects the worse and he has now visualized it in his mind. At this moment his false imagery has become an illusionary reality. Eventually he has to go to the dentist. A few hours later he is telling his friends at the bar “no problem it did not hurt a bit!”

Come to my banquet. Let me serve you some food of thought, which will allow happiness to become a welcome friend.

The enemy of fear is called bravery, to be brave all you need to do is remember ~ BRAVE

Be ~ Realistic ~ And ~ Very ~ Expressive

The man has to make the visit, the reality is, he will become free from pain, the reality is, he will look better, the reality is, he will be proud of his ability to make the right choice and he then becomes, more expressive in his mind, thinking about the realities and the benefits, seeing himself laughing out loud with his bright and shiny teeth. This is the way it works, Happiness has to be worked at.

The major key to happiness is realism, do not doubt it, if someone constantly hurts you they cannot care for you. If a child is getting out of hand, the child does not understand the rules of discipline. If a man is in constant debt, he is not facing reality. If someone constantly lets you down, they cannot be trusted.

The fear of not being able to accept our responsibilities is easily overcome by being brave.

To be brave, you have to be realistic, which means to accept reality and then express the desire to think, work and do everything in your power to use realities and not illusions in you life existence.

You could hear someone say “I do not know how he could be so brave” you may have said it yourself. Bravery is a simple process, it is no more difficult to be brave than it is to live in fear, after all, fear is a safety emotion, one can be in actual fear at the time of an event, however if you are realistically prepared for the event, the fear will become a minor or insignificant worry.

If we contemplate a negative situation on the carousel of fear, it can get out of hand, the sequence is worry, anxiety and then fear. A false expectation appearing to become an illusionary reality.

Everything begins with small seeds of thought ~ Be Real And Very Expressive in you desire to be happy.

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