The Purpose Is You


There are those who search for a purpose to their life, without realizing they themselves are their purpose, for many there is resistance or difficulty to accept this, they feel that they need the guidance of so called spiritual masters or religious experts, this will be their happiness and so be it.

There are many who talk of a oneness, an amalgamation of the human race, whilst this is a fine and mighty objective, it is one which is failing fast, the modern day leaders are breaking their countries identities, and the only catastrophic result of this selfish shortsighted betrayal will be more poverty and excessive work for less pay ~ in other words oppression.

Those who dogmatically hold onto their identities, will hold an important legacy for the people of the future, clear thinking, an ability to save (in gold!) and accept a frugal life will be the only course of action for those who wish to be free in a difficult world.

At this moment the seed’s of real happiness is discipline, and the training of the mind to face reality. Dreamers, gurus, outdated spiritual ideas, are fast moving from the fictitious place called hope, into the reality called, no hope.

Best look around you citizen, work all your life for the fruits of your labour’s to be given away and squandered, old men and women in poverty after a lifetime of service to their community, and parasites living the life of a king for no contribution what ever.

Do not like this reality? someday soon, there will only be private health care, if you do not work you will have no money, and you will have to work until the last breath, the seeds of this have already been sown, many are just too scared or too indoctrinated to see the certainty which awaits their grand children.

This blog is called Happiness! And this emotion should be a constant reality, it can become a real part of your life if you face the tough realities within it!

Next time you use the credit card, when you buy your 12th pair of shoes, the basket full of food, when you have cupboards and freezers full to the brim! Think carefully how you will pay if a difficulty enters your life.

Become your purpose, live in reality, learn how the system works, understand what is being stolen from you, research how to make yourself independent, train your mind and body, prepare yourself to happiness. You are the centre of your universe, know it. You will never receive a cheque from God. There is no one who can give you happiness in a book. You must face real truths and work with extraordinary effort to secure your future.

You may think I am a scare monger! here is a Google search from the 2nd October 2012 ~ you may like to face realities now.

Food banks increase as Wales incomes fall £80 per month – BBC– Household incomes in Wales fell by an average of £80 per month in one year, … At the same time over the past year, the number given food parcels in … New food banks have been opening to help people in poverty, says a charity. … four of the families it assists have some money coming in, but not enough.

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