Never Run For The Bus

Never Run For The Bus

I really like riding on buses. From the beginning to the end of the journey, there is a constant flow of guessing and fictionalizing occurring within my mind, I like to listen to the conversations, the petty and sometimes, big arguments. I like to watch the passionate exchanges, the mothers with their children some well behaved some not! In the morning people going to work, a few hours late I see the same ones, looking tired after a hard days toil. There will be young party animals going to the following mornings hangover, and a middle aged couple going to the theatre. Often there will be widow’s thinking about the past.

My favorite’s are the lost passengers! They ask do you know? How do I or what stop do I need for? Many of these unlucky people, receiving the wrong answers from their fellow travelers.

I see people running for the bus. I always wonder at the madness of this action. All the ‘bus runner’ is doing is becoming over heated and may find their day is beginning to get worst, not better.

A Life is like a series of bus journeys. On each one there will be a constant flow of guesswork, dreaming and fantasy. There will be thousands of conversations and observations, We will have passion’s in our lives and families will test us.

Just like the unprepared traveler you will sometimes become lost too. How many times have you been shown the right path? How many times misguided? By not learning the right way. You have been dependent upon others.

The many different bus routes, are similar, to the many opportunities available during our existence! The buses on the routes are like the many episodes of life, full of different people and situations, you cannot stop the conclusion of many of these situations, sometimes we just have to stop the journey we are on and wait for another adventure to arrive.

I never run for the bus. This action proves I am too late or ill prepared. Even if I catch the bus, it may be delayed on its journey and I would still be late! or possibly I would arrive on time only to be delayed at my destination.

I never worry if the next bus is late. I know, it will be right on time for me. Sometimes if I miss the bus, I will stand on my own two feet and walk to my destination in my own way.

I never run for the bus. You should never run for the bus either. Because you may never climb aboard the next opportunity which is on its way at this very moment.

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