I know that once there were many people who had a purpose to life, life was about trying to do something that had a meaning, life was about building a reputation, using the building blocks of experience to form a character of worth.

Now as I observe the famous, the politician, the celebrity and many other people, it seems to me, for so many people, life is about attempting to be an ‘instant’ someone or something.

There are many who have lost sight of the power of cohesion and involvement, the power of free exchange of ideas, concept’s and developments.

I have two friends Cat and Marco. They make unique and wonderful works of art. These beautiful representations of angels bring immense pleasure to those who own them. Yes, there is the masterful artistic design, production and finish of their work, however, there is more to each of the material object’s they make and this ‘more’ is the ethos and personality of the two people who work together toward their purpose or meaning to life. This meaning, purpose and ethos is within every angel they produce.

When you buy a work of art, you are not just buying the object, you are buying the artist’s thoughts, creativity, personality. Look for example at the works of many artists and you will find the paintings reflect the personality of the artist.

I have a deep respect and love of the sordid works of Henry Miller. You have to look beyond the obscene stories and graphic words of his no doubt equally excessive mind. You have to read the books in a way that allows you to delve deeply into the man’s personality. He was a man without compromise, he took chances, entered into material, emotional and spiritual debt. He was his own meaning, he was his purpose, he was himself. He did not attempt to be something or someone, he just was Henry Miller.

For many years I really wanted to understand the works of Virginia Woolf. My goodness her books can be a difficult mental conundrum! One day I was talking to a good friend about my desire to become able to understand her books. “Jacobs Room and To The Lighthouse should have given me so much more than they did” I said. My friend answered “Ian, you have to understand Virginia Woolf, to understand her book’s”.

So I read everything I could about her and then started to read her books again, and again, and again, I love them and I love ‘The Wolf’ as well.

The observation, is, you are your meaning, your purpose, your uniqueness. Those who attempt to become someone or something, are attempting to mold themselves into what they perceive is the acceptable facade needed for success.

Are you unique, fearless and your own being or are you false, transparent and a pre-formed actor in the play of life?

These are difficult questions, do not doubt it.

How do you apply the paint to the canvas of your personality? How do others really see you? Your inner happiness is a reflection of your actions. Generosity, kindness, hard work and honesty are the paints in the palette called, your mind.

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