Collected Thoughts

Collected Thoughts

I ask you to think about Collected Thoughts.

Alice Victoria is new to this world. I’ve only met her once but I see photographs of her daily. Even after 7 weeks of life I see from these pictures, she is forming a personality.

Alice is a very lucky girl. I cannot doubt she will grow to be intelligent, and very happy. She is no toy doll and her parents know and understand this. She is loved, looked after and really cared for.

How do I know she will grow to be an intelligent happy girl? And how do I know she will become a strong, vibrant and prosperous adult? I know this because of the way her parents look after her. They have already established how they will guide her, the way they speak to her and show unconditional love proves this to me.

We come into this world as an empty vessel. From each moment our existence is filled with information, colours, smells, noises, tastes, feeling or touch and all of this information enters the mind. It forms the creative mind, the emotions, the way we think. We do not have to do anything, the senses accept the information and slowly and surely our personality is created. As we progress we stand up on our own two feet. At that moment we become explorers. This process of learning and exploration becomes a very large part of our life process. It could almost be considered as the reason for which we exist.

Then at some moment (we know not when) we become our own person, making our own decisions, striving for our identity and independence.

Indeed, for many people, this creative process of learning, adapting, transforming, recreating is part of their being. It makes not a jot of difference if the creative direction is art, music, fashion, architecture, film, writing, gardening, designing computers, computer games, a car whatever. The creative spirit of the designer, becomes the expression of who the designer is. In the same way, we express our desires through the way we visibly develop or create, our being, character and personality.

The evolution from the miracle of a new born child, to the moment the child has to stand on his or her own two feet, is a process which is so complex and so diverse it is truly impossible to formulate a life plan. we can meet someone new, listen to a new idea, and the person, or the idea, can transform us in an instant.

The deep contemplation of the above paragraph is important, because it removes all possibilities of fate, or predetermined destiny.

To organise one humans pre-destiny, all of the intertwined matrix’s, of all the lifetimes of mankind would have to be organised in a specific way to fulfill a predetermined destiny for just one human.

So we are left with the observation that we progress through collective thoughts, collective teachings, collective experiences. You are collecting thoughts at the moment you read my words. You collect words, ideas, concepts throughout all of your life. Even in the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before your final sleep, you will be collecting thoughts.

All of your thoughts will affect your life and the lives of people that you do and do not know. Every human’s thoughts are intertwined. The difference between success and failure or, indeed, mediocre existence is all due to these connections.

You are what you think, and you are what or who you are influenced by.

Like little Alice Victoria, every human upon this earth is born with a clean slate of memory, in other words there is nothing in it. First, Alice recognizes Rebecca her mother, then Adam her father, and her parents instill the fundamentals of love, caring and happiness. They then guide their daughter by using the seeds of pure thought which stems from their love of their child, and these seeds form deep roots which will enable Alice to grow into a strong and secure individual.

Think carefully, everyone is a collection of thoughts. No two people can possible be the same. Therefore, those who allow others to grow into their own being are acknowledging the fundamental right of all human beings to live as a free and creative spirit.

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