Flying Solo

Flying Solo

“I don’t change anything for anyone.… I have a point of view and a reason for each undertaking.”

These few words are about the power of individuality.

The power of individuality will cost a material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual fortune! It is worth every life hour that you expend to attain this uniqueness.

The power of independence is rewarded with new friendships, relationships and partnerships. An independent thinker will have a strong and confident attitude towards every aspect of his or her life.

Do you wear the clothes you like, not the ones fashion demands? Do you speak the words which are your truth’s or do speak the thought’s of other’s? Do you live a singular path? Do you work in the job which pays you in fulfillment, not the one which steals every cell of your soul?

You do not have to be part of anyone’s plan but your own. You can never be wrong, for being your right.

You say to me ‘I cannot do this’
I answer ‘You can. You just do not want to take the risk’

Here are some examples of risk. You jump into the fire you will get burnt. You stand on a train line for too long you will be hit by the train. You lie too much you will be discovered. You do not pay your bills the bailiff will knock on your door. You betray your friend, you will lose him. You do not look after your body, you will eventually become ill.

There are no risks in becoming an individual.

I dare you to shout these words and really mean them…

‘I am responsible for my life, my actions, my successes, my failings, there is no one to blame, no one to excuse, no one to forgive, my life hours are expiring and they are MY life hours’

If you meditate with total honesty upon those words you will find them to be true. There is no way out from the real truths of life. There is no easy way of facing reality. You cannot ‘box clever’ with reality. You cannot ‘out maneuver’ reality. You cannot ignore reality.

I recently interviewed a person who told me she did not like to say no. She told me she would do anything for an easy life. I asked her what her easy life was like. She told me she did not have one.

The fear of using the word NO is a common weakness. Remember that every false NO, has many costs, self doubt, anxiety and lack in confidence are three examples.

She became what other people wanted her to be. She compromised her life hours for other peoples demands. This is not a powerful or beneficial way to exist.

There is immense power in the word “NO!”. It says, “I am not agreeing” It says, “I can live without” It says, “My way ~ Not yours” The word NO often brings finality to poor relationships, insults, frustrations and anger and what can be wrong with closing doors on sources of anxiety?

As you reason with the benefits of individuality, consider the freedom of being the person you want to be. My freedom comes from not having to worry about what anyone thinks of me and not having to worry if my words offend. I have to write and speak from my standpoint.

A person insults me because I type a O instead of an I. A person tells me my grammar is terrible. A person tells me I do not know what a spiritual being is.

My answer? DELETE….the email address, the phone number, the connection! I have friendship, kindness, generosity and buckets full of love for my friends, who accept my faults and respect my opinion’s, in the same way as I accept and respect theirs. The moment it turns difficult. I turn off the switch.

Running away? No, I am not wasting my life time in arguments with anyone. I am happy for anyone to have their opinions, in any way, about anything. If they cannot allow me to have my opinions. Then out they go! I am not religious and I have many friend who are, I would never attempt to change their beliefs. I have friends who believe what a politician tells them, thats all right by me! I do not agree with them but I respect their beliefs. I will listen to their reasoning and if they are convincing, I may well change my mind. Once it gets heated, I am on my bike.

Does this mean to become an individualist, one has to be rebellious? (although this should not be discouraged) The answer is NO! To become an individualist, one should take positive steps to learn, anything which shows and guides us to make the right choices and take advantage of all of life’s opportunities, choices, meetings, interactions, union’s and reunion’s. Learn to use factual reasoning, to find the truth and have the strength to do that which is right, based upon your findings.

How do you do this?

Ask the magic questions. Which are. How? Who? Why? Where? When?

And, if. The Process. The Person. The Reason. The Place or The Time does not fit with your life plan?

Go for NO and FLY SOLO!

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