The Escalator

The Escalator

8th December 2012 Lewis’s Department store in ‘Nottingham’ UK.

I am in the store to get the dimensions for a new cooker I want to buy, it is on the third floor.

There are many Christmas shoppers, probably thousands of them, buzzing around like bees in a beehive. Its really nice, I like the atmosphere. There is no other way to feel the moment other than to just soak up the why people are there, which is of course to buy gifts.

On my way to the cooker department, I take the bait that the Mac computer has cast my way! The Apple logo has me hooked. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I have had my bite of the ‘Apple’ The Apple produces feelings of… Desire!

Now to the objective…destination cooker.

At the cooker department a knowledgeable assistant spends 10 minutes with me. I am show the main oven, the slow oven, the timer, the benefits of the five gas rings, one can be used with the wok attachment. I have made my mind up I will buy it. Not from this store though, these cookers are hundreds of pounds cheaper on line and they do not charge for delivery. I say “thank you for your time” I feel a little sorry for the assistant. Cooker produces feelings of… Guilt!

As I get to the escalator I am in the queue. People are smiling, children want to get to the toy department (or go home). There are women talking. Couples with a ‘knowing look’. All types of people, all in the store for the experience of shopping. To look, to compare, to decide, to buy, to wait until the sales. Nothing is certain know one can read minds, I am speculating, watching enjoying the moment. The observation produces… Creative speculation!

For a moment there is a strange oneness. All of us know we have to wait our turn, all of us know that there is a certain harmony, in going with the flow, waiting ones turn, being polite. The waiting acknowledges… Harmony!

And, then an old lady pushes to the front of the queue!

“Move over I am in a hurry” she says.

Everyone moves over except for one person, she spits out the inevitable.

“Wait your turn” (anger)

They are on the moving stairway together. Is there going to be more words? No, both are angry, possibly, frustrated, I look around, some people are embarrassed, a man laughs. The situation is often seen these days. Pushy people wanting to get ahead, not wanting to take their turn. Reminder of… Impatience!

The fifty minutes within the store have become a valuable life lesson. In fifty minutes. I have experienced ~ Desire ~ Guilt ~ Creativity ~ Harmony ~ Anger ~ Impatience ~ the ups and downs of emotions, feeling and reason.

Life is an escalator. There is no stopping its ups and downs.

Enjoy the Ups
Learn from the Downs

And… Enjoy the ride.

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