“Oh! I hate rejection, it really discourages me” My friend tells me.

I answer “you should encourage it”

I really think we should tempt people to reject our ideas and thoughts. Far from being limiting the rejection or the NO is empowering.

Read the words again read how the words can empower your thinking!

“It really dis courage’s me” ask why?

“You should en courage it” again, ask why?

The power of courage is within each sentence. The word is to be used, reflected upon, thought about, used as a mantra in meditation.

A friend makes a disparaging statement. There is an ‘off the cuff’ remark. A real truth or an ill conceived comment spoken and those few words, linger for to long in the mind. We have all known these moments and we can turn these moments around.

Maybe the words were correct, maybe the comment was right, it is just possible we could be wrong, our opinion could be flawed. Rather than fighting against the inner turmoil we can use it, it can become an incredible motivational tool which opens the mind to new ideas, new changes, new explorations.

Yes, explorations! We can search into the unknown, make changes, make positive adjustments.

Do we have to be right every time? Are our opinions always right? Of cause not. If we train our minds to accept failings as a beneficial learning process and say to our self “why or how did this failure occur” then magic happens, it really does.

When we say to the observers of our lives….

“Yes, I was wrong”
“Yes, I am sorry”
“Help me”
“Show me the way”

You are proving you care about your self development. You are expressing the desire for self improvement.

Sometimes we will make a comment which will provoke discord, even anger in A.N.Other should this be the reason not to reveal our thoughts? Examples like….

A young solider breaks the law. Does this mean that he is above the law?

A mother steals from a supermarket to feed her child ~ she is a drinker and smoker ~ is she above the law?

Someone asks for a loan and you answer “You have no money because you live beyond your means”

A really good friend of mine has just recently been betrayed by her partner. Am I wrong to decide not to trust him?

When I speak MY mind, I allow my opinions to be aired even though these ideas may provoke criticism, I have my ‘truths’ which I must speak, I realize personal feelings may not always be accepted, in other words they could well be rejected.

Does this worry me? ~ NO ~ I hope someone may offer a non emotional set of facts which could turn my opinions. I WANT them to change my mind, I want to be ‘in the flow’ I want to be part of the flock.

And, even if I am proven to be wrong, I am not concerned. I am in certainty, gratified and thankful for the change and learning I have received.

During my lifetime, I have made more than a few painful comments to people I loved. On reflection did I really care about them at all? I hurt others I did not know. I betrayed many more. What can I do? Nothing. This is the way life is and because of my words and actions I have been rejected by more than a few people. I may have learnt from my mistakes. I realize there are many more mistakes and failings to be made!

We cannot please every one at all times. People will find offense (people have a desire to protect their opinions)! They can object to the man or woman that goes against their flow! They will object to a man or woman who speaks a truth which threatens there own. This is the way life is!

Encourage rejection! Enjoy it! Relish it!

You will be the better for it! It is a proof you are thinking. You are being your own personality.

Rejection does not make you lonely. It makes you a real individual. You will never be remembered for being a lamb.

You will be remembered for being a shepherd of the flock. Some shepherd’s are good and some are bad. All of us have the opportunities in our lives to become good shepherds. These opportunities have many names. Mistake, failure, apathy are only three examples.

Rejection? Its a great experience. It tells you to tune up, get moving, make a few changes or even dig your heal’s in and fight for your right.

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