Looking The Right Way

Lake Bench

Looking The Right Way

I like to look at everything very carefully. For many years of my life I could only look in the forward direction. I only wanted to see the nice view, the scene behind was not really as bad as it seemed, I could not take the chance of a change of view, of opinion or idea and so it was the good times, the good scene, only looking for the best in people, the best side of each decision. Which became my viewpoint.

Look at the picture, study it for a minute, because that park bench will tell you more about me, than all the words written.

You see a bench which is positioned to enable people to sit and look at a calm and relaxing scene.

Anyone who sits there, can see the changing of the seasons, people walking, running, cycling, if you wait long enough you will hear conversations ranging from gossip to money matter’s, you would only hear a part of the whole story, you will only see a part of the whole picture. That is the way of existence.

For all of which you do see…

You will not see or hear about the very thing which supports you.

This bench was like the platform from where I observed my world. This bench had become just like me.

I have now learned to walk away from MY beliefs, my ideas, my opinions and listen to what others have to say.

The bench was just like me.

Look at it…

Its an old fashioned swing bench, if you look at the back support it is connected by a bolt to the centre of the frame. When it was first made it could move so that the back support could move, so as the person or people could look out toward the lake, or inward toward the trees.

Over the years, the park wardens have had their own ideas, and painted over the pivotal bolt. So that now, I can only sit on it a look one way!

As I have written…

I have to stand up and walk away from myself, because my ideas, just like the wardens of my mind, have painted too many coats of old ideas upon my pivotal way of thinking. I have to walk away from the security of a better, although, ever changing and uncertain view. To see what the paths of life which await to be seen, when I walk away from myself and look in another direction.

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