The Photo Shop Lesson


The Photo Shop Lesson

I enter a photo shop ~ the assistant asks…

“Can I help you”?

“Yes, I would like to look at a XYZ camera”

“I would not buy that if I were you. There is a better camera which has more features, better quality and is around the same price”

“Thanks very much” I answer and leave the shop.

I take many pictures and I use two makes of cameras one the Nikon has been my constant companion for 20 years or more, I still use 35mm film and develop it myself.

I use Canon cameras for my digital stills and video and when I decide to buy a new camera. I research everything I can about it. I decide for myself what I want, based upon my needs. I will also take my time in making the decision, there is no rush, what I already own can still produce exceptional results.

I have a Nikon lens made in the early 1970’s which produces incredible results. There would be little point in replacing it with anything else.

So, when I entered the photo shop to buy the new camera. I had already made up my mind. The salesman decided he knew better (in his mind he was right) and there was no point in going any further with the transaction.

As a result of the salesman’s attitude, I purchased my camera on line, at the time, the only influence within my decision was the price, I knew what I wanted and as I was without pressure from any outside forces there was no longer any need to be loyal to the shop which I had purchased so many items from in the past.

I began to think about this decision not to buy from a shop. To remove any human interaction from the transaction. I liked it, I liked it very much indeed.

A few days ago I decided that I was going to buy another camera. I researched the information. I decided that I would go and pick up the camera and look at it in a retail shop before buying it on line.

The two big retail outlets which would have had the camera on the shelf were gone! They had gone into receivership. (see photos).

I knew there was a little independent photo shop around the corner from where I was, so I ventured in.

“Can I have a look at XYZ camera”? I asked.

“NO problem, what lens would you like to try with it”?

The camera was on the table in a minute.

“Put an SD card into and take a few pictures if you like” said the salesman.

I clicked, focused, zoomed and flipped through the menus.

“See what the pictures are like on your computer and if you decide to buy, I will see if I can match the best online price” he said.

I bought the camera.

I also learned a wonderful lesson from him and his privately owned shop.

You do not have to be biggest to win many battle, just independent, and understand your competition!


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