The Printer

The Printer

Someone asked for an opinion about an ‘all in one’ printer.

“Any advise? Which would you choose? Which is best?”

Opinions and different comments were made.

I realized that my suggestion was wrong. I had made a suggestion based upon my experiences. I have three printers all with vast external ink reservoirs, I print thousands of items. My printing needs are totally different to most other peoples. Thousands of flyers, photographic prints of my work and CD’s covers are printed every year. I need a totally different printer and scanner set up than someone who is an ‘occasional’ user and needs a ‘all in one’ basic machine.

I use a photo and negative scanner which is priced at fifteen times the price of a basic scan, copy print unit. I did not possess any information which could allow me to assess the other persons requirements. My need for incredible quality and A3 plus prints, have no bearing on the choice of a ‘by the computer’ domestic printer.

This made me think about other peoples opinions.

I do not like driving. It is boring and the roads are full of manic zombies hell bent on self destruction. Its a dangerous place indeed if I am following you. Or, so it would seem.

I am driving toward a roundabout, the car in front is a heavy Shogun jeep.

The driver enters the roundabout and I follow. The next thing I know is that he has hit his breaks in the roundabout and I have run into the back of him.

“Sorry, I just missed that first junction, I did not realize you were behind me” he said.

The fact is if you run into the back of someone it is your fault, I did not argue the point, all I did was exchange address’s and leave it to the insurance company. The Shogun was untouched my vehicle did not fair so well.

A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from a lawyer who told me he was acting for the driver and the four passengers who had received serious injuries in the ‘accident’

“Talk to my insurers” I answered.

He then said.

“In my opinion you were driving dangerously”

How could he know this? I had ran into the back of his clients car there could be no doubt about that. I had never denied it. So I replied.

“The conversation has to stop here. Your client stopped on the roundabout with the intention of reversing a few yards because he missed the junction. I cannot prove this was his intension, however this is MY opinion and I resent your comments”

The situation progressed and soon I realized the accident was the way five greedy men were attempting to claim thousands of pounds for ‘whiplash’ injuries.

More phone calls followed all of which had a common thread. The people on the end of the phone wanted me to say more, they wanted me to say how fast I was driving, if I had been drinking alcohol the night before! What was the weather like. In the end I changed my number.

I do not know the outcome of the insurance claim. I do know, that there were many opinions and no facts other than, the driver stopped on the roundabout and I ran into his car.

I looked at the opinions of the people who had made the suggestions about the printers and do you know? There were many different opinions, many using references to “the work place or the office” a verification to why their choice was right.

The persons quest for a printer reminded me.

I have to find facts for myself. Let other people find the facts for themselves. And, never listen to or believe anyones opinions.

We are all right for being wrong or should that be…

We are all wrong for being right.


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