The Illusion Of Wealth


The Illusion of Wealth

Look at this picture. In it there are two men…

One of these men is incredibly rich.

All that he did was follow his path. He was a welder and he fused massive pipe lines together. Then another man or group of men conceived a better way of transporting gas across the country.  Plastic piping did not need welders.

My friend decided to buy a narrow boat.


He took a job in a warehouse driving a fork lift truck.

He is a spiritual man. One of the most spiritual men I have ever known.

I love him, his truth, his love of human beings and all of their faults. He has never asked anyone. Society. Government. YOU or ME for one penny piece.

He worked, driving his fork lift truck, he lives in his beautiful narrow boat and he loves his music and the people who make their music.

Ivan wants everyone to earn their own living and be free…

So… In his spare time… He learned how to make a web site… How to connect people to each other. In love, in truth. In happiness.

In time his ideals. his truth, his kindness, his purpose of connecting people to each other. Became more than him!

The web site. His child, is a meeting point for thousands of people who love music and love life for what it is.

It has made him incredibly rich.

“What are you going to do with your potential wealth?” I ask.

“I am going to bring the boat up to Nottingham in the summer. And we can have a few drinks! In the meantime I need to get the engine repaired. As for the money… I will give it all away”

I love this man. His ideals. His truth. And the lessons Ivan could teach the world and YOU.

Its is only the unique, the individual, the loner, the human who is truth to their self.

Who can break the perceived illusion of wealth.

To be a millionaire?

You have to be unique…. Ivan is the image on the left!

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  1. Hi Ian I saw this man at the show I thought he was doing card tricks, magic, I didn’t realise it was that kind of magic. Peter

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