Self Help Site – Part One

Ebay signBest Self Help Site In The World

E-bay is a wonderful site where anyone can find the most expensive junk and if you are incredibly lucky, the bargain of a life time.

You do not have to be a member to learn from it, although I would recommend anyone to join and use it, because the auction site can teach many life lessons, and give many happy hours of fun.

Internet shopping is one of the reasons the high streets are full of empty shops and this trend is bound to grow. Do not fool yourself for a moment, the cyber world is becoming the cyber shopping mall, with the arrival of 3D television virtual shopping is on its way!

Why the E-bay self help site?

Where else can you observe the integrity of real leaders and prove that strict laws of honesty, make people live within social rules which ensure places we visit are safe to live and work in? We can easily see why former directors of the site are baying for political power. They know what works and are proven, business entrepreneurs.

Do not be at all surprised if incredible people like Meg Whitman become the politicians of the future. She joined E-Bay as CEO in 1998 when it had 30 staff and was worth $4 million ten years later E-bay had 15000 staff and was worth $8 BILLION. If you look to how E-bay works you will find many answers to how a profitable and safe world could be! Meg and people like her are the real leaders of the future.

How it works.

Buy and sell most items, some are exempt!

No guns
No knives
No obscene products
No body parts!

The next part of the E-bay system is.

Do as you say, your listing must be honest
Once bought you must pay for the item
Once sold you must send the item

There is a free exchange of opinion! If a dealer (anyone who uses E-bay is a dealer) is good there will be good feed back, if the dealer is bad the trader can be finished, because he is seen to be untrustworthy.

Be clear though there is no credit ratings. The feed back is based purely upon the ability to provide constant proof of honesty.

The money is (expensively) exchanged by a safe method called PayPal. The exchange system is safe and in my next blog I will be giving you certain examples of  the refunds system and guarantees offered by this bank. The adage you get what you pay for is very true with PayPal.

There will be two more blogs on this subject, so you will have to bear with me as I expand upon the power of the lessons we can learn. Make no mistake though, E-bay thrives on money, it is its sole purpose to make as much money as it can.

Unlike other corporations, it realizes the sense in keeping its citizens, aware to the fact that they want them to profit too, so what does it do? It teaches them, how to sell, how to buy and research into many of the goods you can trade! It, offers information about all of its traders and there are no second chances, break the rules and you are out.

And unlike all governments, E-bay knows for certain, taxes are due (their fees) although in reality they are not excessive (although many think they are) ! I will reason why the site is not expensive in the next chapter.

Unlike all governments it knows the power of being open about its profits and not piling rule upon rule and having different ‘punishments’ for different degrees of crime. Not only this, it never has and I doubt if it ever will enforced its followers to do anything! You can be part of it and make a few pennies or become a big part of it and make 100’s of thousands of $’s. No matter how much you earn the fee’s are clearly defined, there are no ‘tax breaks’ all is fair.

Yes, You are right, I am reviewing E-bay through rose tinted glasses. I make no excuse for this!

The next two chapters will reveal my line of thought.

I will outline this first chapter…

We have to take chances in life.
Watching can be as powerful as taking part.
There are incredible changes happening within commerce.
The old school of politician is in serious trouble.
Control and honesty can work.
Excessive taxes do not.
It is OK to make money.
Break the rules you have to pay the price.
There is freedom and profit for the good.
Nothing for the bad.
Openness removes speculation.

It can be beneficial to only work with the ‘right’ ways and principals and ignore completely the wrong!

I write nothing other than observation, the reader or listener must always make up their own mind.

So I will condense the last eight hundred and forty six words into two…

‘caveat emptor’
‘Buyer Beware’

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