Vessel ~ Chain ~ Anchor

The previous thought was one the subject of links in chains.

During the last week, I have revisited the idea a few times.

A link to the past is broken and there is no connection from the then to the now.
No! This was not what my mind wanted to tell me.

An event is planned. A link of communication is lost or not listened to. The event does not happen.
No! This is not what my mind wanted to tell me.

What did it want to reveal?

I asked what does a chain connect to?

An anchor…

The chain of thought took me to the anchor.

What does the anchor do? It holds fast the vessel in a storm or it holds secure the vessel in a calm. The anchor is like a good friend, who is a symbol of strength and hope, in calm days it can be hauled in…how would we do this?

We haul in the symbol with the chain of friendship made with the links called, caring, sharing,  reciprocation and giving these actions make a chain and the chain has a name called love.

I know that many times in my life. I have broken this chain made from many years of giving, caring, sharing from just one selfish action. Many times I have looked down through the waters of deep emotions from the vessel of my mind, to see many anchors who were once friends laying at the bottom of my memories.

The vessel has drifted away and now there is no inclination make any changes to the past. The deeper the water, the better. Sometimes we just have to let our voyage of life progress.

The anchor is a symbol of strength, it is connected to the vessel of my mind, by the chain of my actions called love.

I have drawn in my own anchor, my own strength, my own hope, and secured it in the vessel of my mind, and the chain called love?

It is has been thought about many times, and is now repaired with the links of, wisdom, truth, and understanding and it is also stowed safely away, in a vast and practically empty locker called truth.

As for the vessel?
My sails of observation are now unfurled, to catch the winds of change…which whisper…life.
The wind may be gentle or stormy.
The destination I now know for sure is…
Bright, sunny and warm…this is my future.

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