Self Help Site – Part Three

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The Best Self Help Chapter Three

The penultimate part to the E-Bay blog investigates the Buyer…

When I buy on the site, I am as sure as I can be, that if I am the successful bidder, I will receive the item I have won. I have won items from all over the world and there was only one have I had a problem of any real note.

On that occasion I elected to lose my money and the item.

There were a pair of new Ecco shoes at auction, I have big feet and the European size 46 usually fits me perfectly, I saw the auction and it was a 99p start with a Monday afternoon finish time of 1400 hrs. I knew I was in with a very good chance because the seller had also incorrectly listed the item as ladies shoes!

The item was bid on 30 seconds before the auction ended and sure enough I was the new owner! The Price was 99p and £3.00 postage.

A few days went by and no item arrived, so I contacted the buyer who told me they had been dispatched, I waited a few more days and still no shoes so I put up a dispute with E-bay. Two days later I received a bag which was damaged and no shoes.

Without any doubt there were never any shoes in the bag! The way it was wrapped it would have been impossible to have had enough space to put them in. I left negative feed back and decided to leave it at that. Two days later I received a full refund from PayPal so I was not out of pocket.

If you are to buy on E-Bay there are a few lessons to learn and fix within your mind, anyone who does so will have many happy years of fun and it is highly unlikely you will get your fingers burnt.

Here they are…

Fix a price in your mind and stick to it.
Remember the world is full of many examples of the item you want.
Always see if the item is available new and cheaper on the net.
Never, never be in a hurry to buy.
Check everything you can about the seller.
Put in an early bid at a low price if you are unsure you really want the item.
If the auction is a 7 day auction print out a picture of the item and keep it with you through out the week, asking yourself “do I really need this?”
Always look at the listing carefully.
Always look at the postage and delivery times.
If in doubt…Do not do it!

Wow! That’s a long list and its the key to trouble free buying.

It could be a key to a trouble free life!

The first observation is that sometimes it is better to walk away from a bad deal or situation, cut your losses and put the whole experience down to the fact that sometimes difficult situations are out of our control.
Set your limits and stick to them, never over stretch your resources.
There are many opportunities do not fix yourself on one desire.
Patience will provide better long term outcomes.
Try out life experiences sometimes we win without much effort.
Write about what you think you want and question if it is needed or desired.
Listen carefully to what is on offer.
Do not make a decision until you can be certain there are no hidden costs.
If there is doubt, the word No…will save many headaches in the future.

All of these thoughts are almost meditations of empowerment, especially when it come to relationships and if you have not realized it already, all nine of the observations can be condensed into two letters.


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