The Introduction to “The Individualist”


The Purpose

Albert Camus said…

“The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”

Many people say they are not materialistic, what does this mean? we live in a material world, money is needed for food, heat and even water, apart from the freedom of love, every thing has a price. Those who say they are not materialistic are denying the society they live in, there are usually other reasons for their affirmation.

There are many who use every excuse under the sun not to work, provide for themselves, and place responsibility for their existence upon those who do work and take responsibility for their life.

There are those who hide behind the cloak of spiritual awareness, when they are reminded that they will never receive a cheque from God or without money they will starve, not be able to feed their children or enjoy the many pleasures available, the comment “Ah! Well, that is different” is their defence.

I believe that the desire to accumulate wealth is the greatest single cause of poverty in mankind! There are many kinds of poverty, emotional poverty called cruelty, intellectual poverty called arrogance, spiritual poverty called religion, are just three of the many types of poverty.

Not yet mentioned is the poverty which is the seed of starvation and both physical and mental discord, it is the poverty called hate, it is insipid in its silence, it is like a cancer which can effect anyone of the human race and like cancer it mutates to destroy its host, in its final form it is called…

War! Manifest through the greed of the walking dead titled…


They hold the poverties of no compassion, unreal truth and non caring in their hearts of lead, and the sheep who follow the ‘cult of hero worship’ are blind to their selfishness! You can be certain the three tricksters mentioned above, know the rules and make more rules or laws as they progress through their careers to protect their position or un-status.

We have choices, and I put it to you, that to remove yourself from the shadow of other peoples negative thoughts and live in the truth of reality may well save you from the living hell of collectivism, which is the social theory which panders to the idea that a collective or state system is superior to the way of the individual.

For those who say, I need a purpose, I answer, you are your purpose, and the false obligation to the state, false witness and the poison of poverty is your non purpose called self imprisonment!

The individual has s/he’s own real and proper purpose, which is themselves, they know it, they have no regard for another’s possession’s, colour, race or religion, they say, you do as thy will, allow me to do as I want.

To become an individualist takes time, effort and dedication.

The first step on the journey is to live in truth and begin to realise and accept our self, our being, our whole existence, for we are are purpose, we are our most important person. Each of us, has and will go through difficult times, whenever a negative outside influence, situation, difficulty comes into the sphere of our personal reality, we will deal with the experience with ease and fortitude if we strengthen our psyche.

In the same way we can learn, from the many wonderful things that happen to us throughout of our life time, anyone who pursues happiness, the freedom of love and health, is bound to be in a real place of peace.

Why not say “I wish to live in a freedom, as should all of the human race”
You can if you wish, believe me.

The meditation which is the whole of this CD is directed toward this end. I believe in family and moral values and constructive effort towards a safe and secure future, I am certain that the leaders of the race are weak and powerless, to suppress the utopia of freedom called love.

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  1. Hi Timothy..I really enjoyed your talk yesterday at Spritit Festival, Centenary Pavilion.. really interesting about the tree of life. I already practice those senses already as I feel I have found myself at last, just by taking charge of my life and having the right balance in my life too. Timothy I have just recently started my own business in the Health & Wellness Industry where I get to coach & train people how to turn a spend income an income. I would love to share this with you. In fact we are having an opportunity meeting this coming Wednesday at Jury’s Hotel, Brewery Place in Leeds at 7.30, meeting guest in the reception area at 7pm. Let me know if you would like to attend as this Opportunity Meeting is helping people and changing lives.

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