In The Final Hour

Empty Chair


In The Final Hour

In the final hour.
Deaths messenger has spoken.
Not time for words ~ desiring
Forgiveness, Mercy, reflection upon
Your insignificance.

Rich, poor, know all, no nothing.
Most who continue
Will do so without
Recognition of your passing.

There is no scheme
Only progression without reason.
In scale, no creature
Man, beast, plant, is of

The distort of a Princess.
The elevation of a tycoon.
The adoration of an icon.
The waste of hero, in the slaughterhouse
Named war.

All naught in the unsolved equation
Named life.
Desperate for life after death.
Desperate for one last breath.
Desperate truth
Nothing proven, nothing known.

Sleep silent now
The final sleep.
Close your eyes to the last dream.
In the final hour
Time stops.

Ian Timothy

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