The “Psychic Fair”

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I really like ‘psychic’ shows. Full of crazy people and few ‘mind provokers’. Take it all with a pinch of salt and have some serious fun. There are healers, psychics, mediums, people who talk to angels, Jesus Christ, god and your Great Auntie Alice. There are serious spiritual gurus who come from Matlock, and Kangeroo’s who sell sea salt and eucalyptus in cooking oil for £50 a bottle. Do you know? I love them all. I love them so much, that, Lizzy and I organise psychic events ourselves! I love them, I love the people, the paradoxes, the inaccuracies, accuracies, the conspiracies, the religious believers, the unique personalities. It would be impossible for a theatre magnet to buy such a wonderful show. If there is a better way to see the uniqueness and creativity of the human imagination, email me today, phone me, send me a message in a bottle. Mr Brain is scuppered here. The scientist drowns here, the doctor, the surgeon, they flounder, they suffocate in their systematic intelligence. There is no way out, the psychic fair is the place of the free, the free thinker, the amazing wonderer, and lifes wanderers, this heaven (yes, it is to me) is fun, happiness, a bastion of free thoughts.


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  1. Interesting !! You would think the land of the free thinker would have wider appeal, but i remember seeing Danny Finkelstein (Times op ed writer and John Major advisor) walking around Chelsea Psychic Fair a few years ago absolutely incredulous and stunned with what he saw – and I dont mean in a good way. Then there was when Nick Robinson (BBC) came to our Cheltenham fair. I tried to persuade him that these folks were a valid constituency but mocking was about the best he could be. Free thinkers vs the establishment!!!

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