From the book ‘Certain Realities?’

Unknown Friend, you may think the multi-millionaire is like a king, doing whatever he wants to do, so what, its only knowledge, information, or hearsay of what someone else can do. If you are not part of it, what does it matter? Thats the way of the individualist, he or she has no concern for the life style of any other. Yes, there should be compassion for those in real need, we see injustices daily, the individualist does not ignore the difficulties which surrounds him, he observes, and accepts with tranquility. Lets meditate again on these truths – war and murder are wrong – the torturing of children is wrong – the theft of African oil is wrong – There should be no celebration of systematic murder and people do it every day at war memorials all over the world, which signify the pathetic inability of politicians to allow people to live their own lives in their own ways. I want your oil, bang have this bomb for a start, I want your minerals, here you are Mr Des Pot dictator have these AK47’s, give them to you children, whist you’re fighting the civil war you will be running up a debt, when its over you will owe us all of your minerals, even better all of the strong young men will have killed themselves, so we can take what we want without resistance. I cannot do anything about this, although as an individualist I can write of what I observe as the truth.


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