Another snippet from my new book….

The Exorcist

Spirituals talk of Demons.

Occultists? Spells.

Priests? The Devil.

Are there punishments in hell, rewards in heaven?

Not in my world, reward is having enough to live on and no bills, heaven is knowing I could live without working for more than a year. Sublime happiness is my way of life, my purpose in life. Freedom? I have it.

There have been more than a few difficult days in my life and as sure as Fridays follow Thursdays, I have been cursed many times. There’s no concern for the curses to become manifest, they never can – never will. No one can do anything to you through gossip, criticism, venomous words, lies, disparagement, curses or spells. Words cannot curse you, nor can burying a bag of nails under a tree, or sticking pins in a Voodoo doll. On the subject of Voodoo doll’s I have one called Bridgette who sits on the book case by my bed. I like her very much indeed, she reminds me of my few days in New Orleans in January. Strange how she effects my friends, recently we entertained a few guests and one of them used our bedroom to get changed…


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