An Assassin’s Notebook


This is the picture I have chosen to to be on the cover of my short story titled ‘An Assassin’s Notebook’ – The short story is a powerful art form – It is interesting that Amazon have a specialist sales area called Kindle Singles which requires the story to be less than 30 thousand words – This book is around seven thousand and can easily be read in half an hour – it is far away from any of the styles of book which I have recently ‘tapped out’ on this Mac and I do not believe I will be writing philosophical genre books again (even though ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ has achieved consistent number one best seller ratings)

Some of my short stories were printed into booklet form and given to my friends for their opinions. Yes, these were poorly disguised attempts to find friendly critics, I was surprised to find there was no such favours given, a good friend shows no mercy! The resulting dwindling numbers within my small social circle made me review my work and choose a title for publication – The Assassin’s Notebook became the one.

Last year someone asked me if I would be prepared to be part of a self publishing seminar, I declined their kind and gratifying offer. It did make me think about my writing and how I managed to go from no-where to somewhere in the self published book world. The self publishing market IS massive and will become be the way to publish ones written art. With some authors making 100 thousand dollars a month (yes 100K a month) The process is really worth investigation.

I will be holding a monthly paid event which takes the attendees from idea to Kindle in a day – The changes to this blog and my web site will be driven toward this new venture.

This short story can be downloaded from my website today – I will download a new title each month and we will watch the progress of my Author name, the short stories and the methods used at the seminars. The proof of the products will be in the sales.

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