Promoting the ‘Assassin’s Notebook’

http://iframesrc=//'sNotebook/afromahref=’s Notebook

He is a writer with another specialist income. Tonight he cannot sleep.


Is the assassin reflecting upon his work or is he making a confession which he hopes will be read by a stranger? Indeed are you the stranger he hopes will forgive him or understand him? There can be little doubt he is a troubled man, the style of his writing changes, he is rambling, drifting in a world of blood. Has he just silenced a ‘servant’?

Short Stories

This is a short story which will take half an hour to read. When I asked a few people to read and comment on the story, one of my friends said she had read it three times, once very quickly, a second time carfully during a lunch break and the third time whilst sitting in her bed just before her nights sleep. “This made the story Ian, I was with him, in his lonely room” I wonder if this is the same for everyone?


If you click on the Authors Link you can see a short video I made about the Assassin’s Notebook.


I write because I enter into a meditaion which calms my mind and frees me from the outside world. My favourite authors are the likes of :- Woolf, Camus, Bach, Betjeman, Lawrence, Neruda, Kerouac, Miller.

The short story was added to my KDP account as free download on one day it was downloaded seventy one times.

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