Stories Everywhere

Action Man


Everyone’s a writer, a pencil and one sheet of paper, add a fews words, its all that’s needed. A few words become many, which become a chapter, some more chapters and you have a book. 10-20 thousand words make a good short story, five hundred words a day and a months work you have your book. It’s a real achievement, a marker in ones life, to say “I have written a book” –  It is fairly easy to self publish it, so why not do it? The answer is there is no reason not to write your own story.

There are many who tell every one they are writing or going to write a book and it is never seen. Its best to write alone, keep your words your own until they have become a book, liken it to a child, turned to adult, ready for the world.  Do not think of a book as a 90 thousand word monster, which of cause it can become, it will begin as a rough idea, a few words, scribbles in a note book, keep on writing, by allowing the pleasure you get during the ‘writing of’ to become the ‘reason why’ the story will have more of a chance of being finished.

Read the blogs, ideas, self published reviews on any subject from cameras to pet frogs, millions of people like to write and, they are writing short stories. To believe that a short story can not be a masterpiece or does not conform to certain parameters fails to account for this progressive and lightening fast way of Western life. Flickr and Instagram are instantaneous art forms. Shorts are viable and popular.

How do you find a story? Anywhere. My friend was seen in a junkshop, look how he’s dressed. How did this tough guy end up in girls clothing and what is the diver taking from his pocket? Take a day to think about it. You’ve got yourself a story. If there were 20 people who wrote a 2 thousand word story about this Action Man, on reading the drafts every one would be different, each a masterpiece.

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