On The Road

Print Your Own Book
Print Your Own Book

On the Road

Why do people like to travel?  In my mind travelling must ignite the nomadic spirit within me.  I do not need too many possessions.  The ownership of anything restricts me from moving.  Theres a great feeling to sit on a plane, train or bus and know there is no object left behind to loose, to be stolen, nothing is being de-valued.

The Nomad believes the town dweller is no man!  I understand this today – I wish I’d have known this truth in my yesterdays.   To know that nothing imprisons a man more than ownership of objects is a truth so bright, so clear, it is like all real truths, evasive and for most humans impossible to see.

The nomadic spirit is within us all and dead in most.  Material restriction is the assassin of a few remaining western nomad’s.  So the very few who attempt to travel on accumulated funds will have a restricted journey, which ends when the funds run out.  No a lifetime Nomad needs an income.

This is why I’m steadily disposing of all excess material objects and accumulating intellectual wisdom.  This blog is part of the objective.  Its a slow process nurturing an idea.  The most profitable way to earn a living is selling something which is of intellectual value.  A book, a song, a picture are three good examples.  I write short stories and its is my intention for these short stories to become my income.  And my work is already selling, which indicates to me the plan has merit.  I do not wish to put the horse before the cart as I know full well the income has to be secure before the journey begins.

You may think that earning a living selling cars, giving legal advise, being a doctor, dentist or candle maker, driving a truck or staking shelves in the super market is a better way to accumulate wealth, possessions and a secure future.  O.K thats your deal stay with it.  When you enter your final sleep everything you own becomes someone else’s – Its my wish to do more with less and writing is the tool of freedom.

A Nomad without the desert is a rare being.  His world has no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions.  A desire for Africa may turn to China may turn to America may turn to Chile.  To me the very thought of the Nomad is excitement, adventure, discovery.  Not exploration, this does not interest me.  No the journey and the interactions are the magic which draws me into the desire to be a Nomad.

To be a Nomad one may have little regard for security in the way the town dweller knows or understands safety or security within their existence.  In the second paragraph I write of the desert nomads contempt of the town dweller and I understand it.  Any who believe they need to protect that which they own, is restricted by the very nature of this belief.  Their furthest journey will be a holiday where seeing views easily seen on the National Geographic Channel will fulfil their expectation of travel.  I do not dismiss their way, their path, indeed I desire them to be safe and secure, few of use can become nomadic.  Its a major step even to think of the way of life, even the possibility of it will seem like a madness to those who value possession and material security.  Many dream of the freedom, few will turn dream into reality.

Why do I need those who stay at home? Who live their life of apparent security.  Surely some of them must be my income!  Indeed they will provide the gauge of when I can embark on the journey.  As my book sales increase there will be a tipping point, which once passed will provide sufficient income to call myself Nomad.

I do not write for money and now I am writing of my desire to earn enough from my books to travel.  I never write for money – I write because I enjoy the meditation – Its of no concern if I write about crime, murder, love or supposed spiritual stories.  I write, and the more I write the better I become.  Anyone who writes every day will culture their work to an acceptable standard.  There are many blogs, web sites and individuals who will help with the marketing of a book use ’em if you want to –  I’m clear in my mind those who write to better their craft and self publish their work – Will – sooner or later hit the required standard.  No-one can plan for success.  Everyone can work toward it!

Bruce Chatwin is to blame, his books  (I have read all of them many times) inspired me many years ago and I began to revisit his travels around four years ago.  It seems to me his desire to travel and write stories about those he met along the way is a top top way of life.  Although, I have to note that I disagree with his words “No man can wander without a base.”

I can!  Writing is my path.

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