Twist It Around

That's Me Behind the Demons
That’s Me Behind the Demons

Twist it Around

I recently received a ‘gift’ from a reader.  A pointless link to a site which guides any who is interested to the finer points of, and the correct use of, grammar.  Thank-you for the offer of help and no thanks!  The moment I conform to the protocols of the intellectual is the moment I’m lost.

My previous blog had nomadic blood flowing through its spirit.  Does the article have a spirit?  Does it have nomadic blood flowing through it?  It does in my mind, and, if the reader understands what the essence of these (my) thoughts are, then the reader is within my mind. That’s what the artist is doing, exposing their inner being – using their art as the medium of expression. I am exposing my thoughts – What! You don’t like ’em? There are plenty of people who’ve been unfortunate to know me, I’m not a very likeable person. If you want to be free you will never conform and the renegade, difficult individual doesn’t court friends.  I own no one – No one owns me.

For those who do not understand me or my work, I’ll give them an easy solution.  Don’t click the mouse, don’t visit here, don’t buy my books.  I’m never going to change my method, its me, mine and my timbre.  The word timbre associated with writing?  Surely the word is a musical one?  Indeed it is, it is the quality of musical note and sound.  I check out Wiki and do you know what I discover?  In the first few words of explanation the sentence uses the word colour – ‘In music, timbre also known as tone colour or tone quality…’ –  Ah! is that to say music has a colour?  Well, it does for some who have Synesthesia,  which is when a individual sees colour and movement as a result of listening to musical tones.

I’m hoping you read the point – the writer should find their own way of expressing their voice.  Lets face a truth.  The thousands who use Lightroom – Photoshop or any other manipulation tool of the photographic image are moving quickly away from the original image and turning the image into their own.  Does the purest believe the image should be a direct record of the image seen? Does the image have to conform to the rules of the golden triangle? Shouldn’t the expressionists painters sky be blue? I do not know the answer and I have no desire to find out!  In the same way I’ve little desire to find out if the ‘correct’ use of the English language would improve my writing.

There's No Golden Triangle here!
There’s No Golden Triangle here!

Someone once wrote ‘Quickly bored with this one’ about one of my books.  Do I care? Not one fig.  Every book is a progression, the reviewer is right, the undoubted spiteful way the grammar link is sent is no problem either, the sender is right. If I were to study protocols, I would never progress to the work I am writing now.

Grammar’s for the technically correct.  I am not technically correct in anything I do.  How could I conform to an absolute vision of how you see, hear, taste, feel or write the world?  I cannot.  And the moment I attempt to write within the ‘constipations’ of the small minded, I’ll be sitting around waiting for something to happen!  I have no intention of writing in any way other than my own.  Could I be influenced by another?  The answer is the simple, NO.

When another spits a little hatred or venom under the guise of ‘help’ or ‘kindness’ there is no room for anger, venom or return of kind!  There is cause for celebration, rejoice and an extra glass to toast the vanquished.  Because when ones writing, attitude, character, and approaches to life effect another to spite or revenge, rest assured it is you who control them, not t’other way.

Why short stories?  Theres one in this blog and it will be within my new book of short stories which will be published in December 2014.


  1. I agree with a lot you say here and I like the way you say it. I too don’t want to be overly regulated by any one person or institution. Arbitrary rules, such as in grammar, can be useful unless they become to be viewed as truth. However, sometimes it strikes me that some people who are so anti any type of rules or guidance are that way more as a cop out, more because they are not will to pay the price that higher standards demands of them. Anyway, I really dig what you have going on here.

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