Never Too Many Genre’s

Cooking Pot Of Creativity
Cooking Pot Of Creativity

Never Too Many Genre’s

I’ll write about anything.  A specialist area of entertainment.  Solo Diving.  A book of short stories are the three projects I am working on at the moment.  And a quick scoot through my note books reminds me I have written about fourteen differing observations in the last two weeks.

Every word and every subject written in the notebooks are facets of my ‘self-ness’ there’s no focal point or objective.  I may write 500 words which are non sense or there may be 50 which seem to be a worthwhile self meditation.  The writing is for my own pleasure.  If a piece of my work is ‘Kindled’ onto the net its not for money.  I self publish because I can and the reviews of the books are a connection to the strangers who read them, good or bad I welcome the opinions of others.  I sometimes reread a chapter or two and think about my old work in relation to the comments made by these strangers.  Its all about self assessment and reappraisal.

Of the pictures I took in October I kept 429 images, in November 145 and so far this month theres a pathetic 25 images in the iPhoto events folder.  Has my desire to take pictures lost momentum?  No, far from it.  Only last night I purchased an eBay bargain Nikkormat camera and have decided to have a MaJoR clear out of unused photo equipment which will enable me to buy a new V800 scanner.  I can never get away from the chemical photo process.  There is real art in film, developer, stop bath and fixer.

Have I stagnated?  Should I feel guilty because I have pressed the shutter a few times and only written 20 thousand words?  No, I’ve been within another genre of art.  What happened is the stage show I appeared in stole much of the creative time available during the last two weeks of November and first week of December.

The performance was well received and the kind emails that dropped into my mail box over the days following the show were worth more than money.  I did realise as I watched the video of the show that my stage work had become somewhat rough edged, as a result I have taken some advise from an acknowledged director and the act will improve.

As I was reviewing the video of the stage work I read through the script that I had written for my 31 minutes on the stage.  I also listened to the rehearsal track which had been recorded to help me with my lines and routine and I was pleased to discover I had not strayed too far from the script.  This reenforced the correctness of keeping to what I knew and not being tempted to go astray on the night.  This used to be a cause of disaster in my Stage Hypnosis shows!

Theres a real lesson here for me.  I realise that one must work hard to learn the structure of what one is attempting to create.  Jot it down and think you have a book.  Write a short script for a stage show and think you have the audiences full attention.  Take a digital photograph and give it the photoshop treatment, then sit back and think success will be the result and admirers will be drawn to the creative medium like a thief to an open window is why failure is more frequent than success.

If its art do it.  Music, words, pictures, paint, pencils, paper, cloth, ink, glue, scissors, saws, metal files, rulers, cameras, film, recording media.  This writer will use them all, because there all ingredients in my cooking pot of creativity.  Never worry too much about what you create.  My favourite picture is one in poster paints drawn by 2 year old girl called Alice.  No Picasso could give me so much pleasure, no money could buy it.

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