Writing Is? Any Subject?

The Rasp of The Demand Valve - Music to My Ears
Navy Diving Manual 1970’s


Writing Is ? Any Subject?

A writer of short stories can write about anything.

Meanness – Happiness – Sadness – Joy – Anger.

Children’s Adventure – Murder – Revenge – Cookery – Sport.

Its the wonder of words.  The assembling of a story.  The destruction or making of myths.

In MY book (s) anything goes.  I’m writing about my perspective, my world, the people and situations which have effected me.  Life made me who I am and who I will become.  One conversation, one choice made, life changes, sometimes forever.

A few days ago I performed in a small stage show. 230 in the audience watched me for 30 minutes during this time I performed 5 routines. 3 were excellent and 2 mediocre. Even so I enjoyed the time on the stage, the laughter, the gasps, the applause.  Who would not?  Its a special moment when a group of people recognise your work with the clapping of hands.

And then its all over.

The following morning I’m on the orange bus which is taking me into the city.  Yesterday an entertainer, today a writer who likes taking pictures.  I could not be happier, a life fulfilled.  On a big orange bus taking me into the city. And my mind drifts…

Its a summers day 38 years ago.

The sky is summer blue.  A sea breeze has stolen the laughter of children playing on the beach half a mile away.  I’m drinking coke, listening to the conversations of divers.  There are diving cylinders, regulators, wet suits drying on the pier rails, individual piles of weight belts fins and masks.  Diesel fumes and seaweed combine to make a special aroma which some would consider foul.  I like it, its my world.  The sea, diving, the rasp of the regulator when under water.

The Rasp of The Demand Valve - Music to My Ears
The Rasp of The Demand Valve – Music to My Ears

Dennis has asked me if I would like a summer job working at his diving school.  Theres a career in the Navy ahead and I’m thinking.  I knew this day would become a never forgotten memory.  A happiness I would not feel again for another 30 years.  No reason, its a day which is just…just perfect.

2 months later I’m working in the family business.  A gateway to another way of life.  The wrong job, people and life.  Another major mistake.  Fortunes to be earned and squandered.  People to meet who I will destroy and who will destroy me.  Nearly 4 decades from the most wonderful job offer to today.

One would think there would be a story a day out of the events which followed.  Deaths, thefts, lies (lots of them), real hatred of people, betrayal (lots of that too).  I learned much in my life. Nobody and I mean nobody can effect me, there little left to give -OR- a need to receive emotion of any type.

On reflection I know there was only one moment which really mattered.  The one when Dennis said “Would you like to work here for the summer?” and my answer “Thanks Dennis, I’ll have to think about it”

If I had said ‘Yes” would you be reading this now?  Would I have entertained the audience?

Stage Work
Stage Work

I feel that the finding of answers to life conundrums is one of the reasons to write.  Make crazy statements, blend in some truth.  Form and dissolve alliances.  Do we stay helpless in the tides of life?  Or swim back to the beach, the dangerous rock or see where the storm will take the situation?  Its all part of the story, real or imagined who cares.  Someone once said “You can do anything on a stage apart from being boring”  Same goes for writing.

There are those who look for faults in man and believe they prosper by exposing them and there are those who look for the good in man and become exhausted in their quest.  There are those who do not care either way, these, the wise, know all men either advantage or disadvantage themselves, all can walk the path called happiness, most chose another direction. Are these observations true?  I believe so, you may not.  Go on write your story.

A writer is a social scientist who experiments with actual or theoretical outcomes of situations. Any situation, experience, anything from rape to winning the lotto, anything goes.  Fight as you like, dirty or fair I don’t care so long as its entertaining.

It seems to me that in a world which becomes more sterile, uniform and demanding of fact, that the writer has a mission to break the monotony,  boring, mundane, servitude and shallow existence of the ‘??????’

Write about anything, how you eat toast, brew tea, became a alcoholic or bankrupt.  Write without conscience or fear and you will become a better human for it.  Damn the world, the killers, the slavers who control.  Send them to hell with your words.  Speak your truth and die happy.

I did not accept the job Dennis offered me ~ The biggest mistake of my life ~  Maybe one day I’ll have the time to imagine what would have happened if I’d accepted.

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