Course of History – Ballot Mistake

I don’t want to be remembered for griping about disaster. What disaster? I struggle to find anything which has occurred in my life which actually has effected my inner being.

I have realised my key to personal security and confidence is in the realisation that, no matter where I found myself, be it broke, a joke, laughed at failure. In the end I continued to live on and in spite of the mistakes and failures, I see more goodness in the world than evil.

If there were one lesson it would be; my philosophy of Selfness. If there were one book it would be; Martin Cutts ‘Oxford Guide to Plain English’. If there were one truth, it would be; you do not need money to live like a millionaire. If there were one certainty it would be; when you can look into the mirror of the soul and, face the truths you fear to see, the prize will be happiness.

In the same way as you: I’ve argued. Wasted years. Squandered thousands. Lost friends. Jumped before looking and hit the rocks hidden below the beautiful scene. I do acknowledge the mistakes I can remember, not in a good way. There is no ‘lesson learned’ from an unhappy ending. I am now inclined to feel, the ‘being’, love of life, enjoyment of thought, caring for the ‘few’, hitting the nails of doubt with the hammer of truth, surpasses all achievements, emotional, material and intellectual.

High achievers, such as politicians are a strange conundrum. It seems to me many are like wild west Sheriff’s. Believing their star of office gives them the power over those they consider to be pond life. The star makes an inferior superior. Wait before you judge my words. The ones who ‘shout out’ about the badge are usually selfish, mean and greedy. Beware if you criticise, their ammunition belt is loaded with individuals or situations which they place into the breach of their six shooter defence. They will knock you down in any word slinging shoot out. These without law winners are astute and have excuses for their mean attitude. An example? ‘The previous regime ruined the country’. If something goes wrong it will be everyones fault bar theirs.

Why do write of personal failings and follow with a no restraint, acid in the eyes attack on those who control you and your world and, are positioned to change the lives of millions? Because, a mistake made by an individual of no importance can change the plan and outcome. One untested mistake resulted in changes to the whole of this world. The man who benefitted from the error made choices which effects you to this day, when in truth he should never have passed the starting gate.

Yes, you are correct this is a disjointed post. I desired it to be this way, why don’t you think, read, reason and question the sentiments? Many of the ‘human race’ are happy to listen to the rhetoric of the politician, the lawyer and the spiritual and accept the confusions listened to. It makes no difference, who you are, what you think you have got, or how much you think you are in control. Life, existence, belief, outcome, and purpose is fragile and can be ruined by chance.  You are as secure as the encounter with the con-man and as safe on the road as the worst driver. A fool who decided to design a new and better form, could have possibly changed your life and, upon reflection, probably did.

The scan of the item below is the best way for me to ‘evidence’ what occurred. One individual, one idea and the course of history is changed.

Mistake to Whitehouse
Mistake to the Whitehouse

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  1. Philosophical and thought provoking… individual thinking should be taught in “academies” .

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