I know I’m an idiot

Laurence - "No Prisoners"
Laurence – “No Prisoners”

I know… I’m an idiot

A few thousand men invest in 500 public companies. As the profits climb there is happiness; for them. When the profits are not so good there is trouble; for us. The banks who are trusted with our money make high profits, they reward themselves with bonuses, if they fail and the profits are down, the prophets of wealth receive a consolation prize of a couple of million to make them feel better. The politician tells me the country needs these geniuses and they will leave the country if they do not receive the bonus at the expense of the tax payer. I do not understand it – I am a idiot.

Banker genius, city industrialists, all play their games, take their loot and sail away into the sunset on million dollar yachts. They take advantage of the insanity that if the mistake is so great and they cannot pay their debts. You and I will. The industrialists trade with China, european companies set up factories and heavy industry which leave there own communities without industrial strength. The country called europe is one great big warehouse, the infrastructure of which supports the community, transport, distribution centres, profit generated by buying and selling Chinas industrial products! No matter how I reason with this it does not make long term sense, surely the Chinese will up the prices once their own communities desire more and more and more… I know! I am a idiot.

The worlds commodity dealers are the reason for the poverty in Africa and South America both countries raped of their resources which are purchased for pennies, traded for millions. When I am asked for a charity contribution to help the starving who live in countries where the resources are worth billions. I do not feel the problem is mine. I do not feel the charities are able to manage the contributions correctly, the charities rhetoric seems so closely aligned to the bankers and governments. They feel they have a ‘right’ to contributions, using emotional blackmail to control. Evasion of taxes is a sin, not giving to the poor is a sin. The real sin is the greed of the one percent who enslave the 99% who live on this planet. The real sin is the wealth is already there to feed the starving. The real sin is the money and know how is available to build factories in Poland, Slovakia, and any of the former Eastern block countries ruined by the Russian incompetence. The real sin is the so called experts know the answers although in the long term to give these countries industrial might and wealth would ruin their own honey pot.

When politicians squander taxes, and there is no more money left, up goes the price of petrol, glass of wine and my cigar. This is just wrong, why should we have to keep paying for the greed and incompetence of these geniuses? Worst of all is the sycophantic weakness of the fools who follow them, who just cannot see the truth. Are those who take the bribe of charity and undeserved handouts without conscience when they vote for the corruption which corrupts them?

The State
The State ~ The Establishment

I realised I loved a racist…

I was talking to a Welshman yesterday, we laughed so much when I mentioned the South Wales news-agent who would only speak Welsh to me when I purchased 20 cigarettes. ‘Still do Ian, we’re proud of our identity’ he laughed. The incident, by the way was just two years ago. I felt angry at the time and now, do you know? I love the woman for her courage, I love the woman for her fortitude, I love the woman for her conviction and more than anything I love the woman for her pride in her country. Was her attitude hateful or racist? It matters not to me, as you will have already guessed, I am happy for her to be able to do what she likes in her world and I respect, yes, respect her opinions, feelings and beliefs. Not only that I hope she will only speak Welsh to me the next time I go into her shop. Lesson learned and gratitude where its due, you old sweet-talking Welsh tobacconist.

The european unions mandarins encourage me to believe it is best to stay in a community which protects and is in some way safer and yet I have never felt so insecure and unsafe living on this island. On Friday I drove to Manchester and returned home on Sunday, a 257 mile round trip. I saw three incidents of terrible driving each one potentially fatal and, I did not see one police car, not a one. Cut backs? Where is all the money going? I see the lazy being rewarded and the hard working penalised. (No, I am not writing of immigration) I see roads in need of repair and I am threatened with loss of a quality in the health service, pensions, long term security. Why the cut backs? Where is all the money going to?  What I am being told about this islands situation is not what I see and, I mean see. The difficulties I have with the messages of these leaders, be it bankers, industrialist, politician is, I feel the word deception, I feel as if I am being deceived. Deception indicates the need to hide what is actually happening or leading one away from the truth in order to gain an advantage.

I live on an island, I do not own a square inch of it and I don’t want to live here. It is to my advantage to stay within the community called European Union, because I wish to live in France. The motor-ways are excellent, the food good, people still smoke and you can buy home grown fruit, vegetables, superb honey and home cured meats at the Saturday markets in small towns all over the country without bureaucratic madness preventing it. More than anything I love the people and, the silent and powerful strength of their small communities. What I see in the small town in France which I wish to make my home is community, common sense, happiness, people talking, sharing and caring. I see trust and security and most of all I see a determination to keep their traditions alive. The celebration of the wine harvest, the Christmas fair, the celebration of their Liberty are just three examples of when the whole of the town comes together.

On this island the successive governments and its politicians have eroded the traditions. Degraded the status of the natives, ignored the wishes of the electorate. Law after law weights down the statue book, tax compounds tax, food banks, no industry, no hope, no purpose, no respect, soon charity will really begin at home. And this will not be my home. Will I vote to stay within the european union? Well for me to live in France with ease I should. I will not do so because I look to the future of this island. I do not feel it is in good hands and I do not see those who are making the laws which will effect the population of this island as respectful to the natives, this is treason, I cannot see it in any other way. I must reflect upon the greed of the Westminster politicians and the incredibly high wages of the european commissioners, surely this must influence what they are ‘saying about staying’? If we go then they will be without a job in Brussels. Who would want to lose an 250 thousand a year job? With no replacement job to go to. Or, am I an idiot to think this way?

If this island is without europe, I will probably find my new home just a little more difficult to negotiate legally. One thing is for certain. I will be able to do so because, I will speak French fluently, I will respect my new communities religion, laws and statue rules. I will look after my property, own a French registered car, buy my needs locally and will not be a burden in anyway to those who allow me to share in their determination to stay connected to tradition. So as I make myself clear, I will return to this island for my dental and health care and I will take my pension because I have paid for the right to do so.

Finished Establishment
Finished Establishment

This island terrifies me, not because of the wonderful diversity of the people who live here. It terrifies me because of the system which has actively worked to remove the identity, community, beliefs and traditions of the natives it should prioritise. I see this as proof of the greed of politicians, who know that by undermining a nations identity, they in effect destroy its wholesome strength. To be governed by people who work for a unified europe and their own pockets seems to be the right reason to vote out. If the choice is made to leave, maybe these parasites will have to focus upon the island they and their selfish tribe have slowly ruined.

I watch them. I listen to them and I feel their deception. Their arrogance is so great they seem to ignore the real concerns. There is no need for me to listen to the arguments for and against. Without a doubt in my mind I feel there is selfish deception within their agenda and that is enough for me.

Explain This
Explain This

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