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Lizzy's Stall
Lizzy’s Stall

‘I will contact you this evening’ and the phone texts and rings all day. It is why we have to block the madness. The repair will be ready on Friday, the following day the customer returns ‘Is my bracelet ready?’  I have not spoken to two ‘friends’ for three years and I see both of them in a week ‘Did you know Noel has died?’

I give a lady a small ‘dream catcher’ because she has very little money and her sons having nightmares. An hour later she returns with a sweet apple and a peach. ‘I know its not much’ ‘It’s more than enough’ I reply. Later on a girl asks for a rose quartz rock and a piece of moonstone ‘I want to be loved, why are people so cruel?’ I could give her an answer, she’s better off with the crystals! The truth would be too much for her. I think of a video I watched…

…This morning, I watch a girl on Vimeo talking about her answer to the worlds problems. She is sincere and correct. Negotiation, not war IS the answer. Both you and I agree with her and in the same disheartened sigh, we know the leaders prefer war, it lines their pockets.

Alex Marlowe
Alex Marlowe

My friend Alex, means it when he say’s ‘I would never be bullied again, they do not frighten me now’ Where ever he goes in life, no man will dictate to him. If he did but know it he is as free and as wealthy as any man can be.  I envy him of the way he has strengthened his inner being at such a young age. Alex may not realise it, but he is in the world of Ontology. A human who enters into a philosophical study of ‘The Being’ will find success. Alex picks up a Canon 5d and takes a few pictures, I don’t like the one taken of me! Nothing wrong with the composition, too much weight on the subject.

One of Alex's Snaps
One of Alex’s Snaps

Carol texts with her date for the double mastectomy. I call her ‘Mother’ because she means so very much to me. I sat with her yesterday, it is a privilege to know such a brave woman. I think about, Sam, Maureen and other friends who have known cancer. There is no why. Happiness, family, illness, strife, overcome, overwhelm, capitulate, win, survive, remission, life goes on.

Campbell’s book is published. Brilliant, a brave heart Scot! Inspiring others with emotion and controlled observation. One of Lizzy’s customers mentions it. ‘It’s only been on Kindle for a day’ ‘Yes, I downloaded it this morning.’ It is a wizard world we live in.

Tony Tec
Tony Tec

Tony Tec appears, he’s a trader who sells upholstery foam and bean bag beans. He spent too much ‘loot’ in the pub last night ‘4 and a 1/2 quid a pint, 90 last night and didn’t have enough money for a taxi, walked home and got lost, didn’t get in till 4, I feel like crap.’  It’s easy come very quickly gone with Tony. Yesterday he asked a friend to get him a bag of fish and chips from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ chippy. He gave his chum a fiver, he’s still waiting for his lunch!

The lunatic asks for his incense ‘I ‘av some of them granules man, the ones the monks make’ I give him the bag, and 50p change ‘The woman upstairs is doing voodoo curses again and the guy next door is out of his brain, there’s a woman downstairs who smokes in the rain’ I love his poetic conversation. ‘I’m surrounded by crazy people, god’s looking over me, how’s your wife Ian?’  ‘Dead I hope!’ He walks away laughing like an insane hyena.

The attractive girl buys four boxes of strong incense ‘Would you like a carrier?’ ‘No thanks sweet-heart I’ll put them in this one’ ‘It’s a food bag, your fruit will taste of incense’ ‘I’m shopping for me sister’ A seductive wink and the sticks go in the bag, she gazes into my eyes and smiles. I suspect she doesn’t care and, is happy the food will be tainted with Jasmine Blossom.

Tomorrow I will be somewhere else, on a journey. Travelling with Lizzy and Alice for a short break. Lizzy’s market stall will stay open, crystals, incense, essential oils and a few rolls of film still available whist we’re away. Crazy, happy, drug addicts, shoplifters, the excellent and the brave. I love every single one of them, I will miss them and I will miss my old Mac which I am typing this post on right now.

See you next week market stall, the place where I write most often.


  1. I had to read this again, such a lovely heartfelt post. The snapshots of people’s lives in your writing are as simple and vibrant as a photograph… Thank you for your words too, they mean a lot – enjoy travelling!

  2. Loved this post, fascinating observations of the world as it passes by, both poignant and humorous. Have a good holiday and safe travel.

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