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An Ordinary and Poor Man

Finished Establishment

Finished Establishment

The votes cast, ballot counted, the British decided to be outed.  Todays observation is not about the European Union. I am no longer part of it, it is now part of British history. Perhaps one day it will be seen as a hope which became no hope.

The press assessed the situation incorrectly. The politicians proved beyond doubt they have not the slightest inkling of the will of the people. Truth to tell the poor have watched the ineptitude of the political pigs at the trough of taxes for too long. Seeing them for the gluttons they are devouring the cake and leaving the swill for those they should in reality serve. Bemoaning the impoverished, resenting the poor people’s social benefits and stealing from the pot themselves. Is it any wonder the poor saw the vote as a rebellion? When their benefits are razor slashed and they perceive Europeans as thieves taking what they believe to be their own there will be a feeling of social injustice, a fear of losing what little they have. You can hate me for the last sentence, you cannot deny the truth within it. This is what happens when charity becomes the answer to social problems.

Do not play games with the following observations. Industry means hard physical work, industrial work is all about manual labour and when you close the factories down, then you lose the habit of manual labour. A miner told me in the Yorkshire miners museum ‘There is millions of tons of coal in England, and there are no mining skills to get the product out of the ground’ – What you do not believe me?  Visit the museum yourself and discover the accuracy of the miners comment. Is it any wonder the decimation of industry has over the last three decades left a stream of millions of citizens without work?

Allow me, an ordinary man to focus his mind upon the situation of why the poor are tired of the intellectuals who know all and, the politician who believes the voter serves him not the other way around. The professors of economics who designed and influenced the chaos are very much part of the problem. They used their intellectual arrogance and ignored the needs of the poor. The contempt I have for the superiority of these thieves of poor peoples dignity has no boundary. Intellectual financial geniuses? No, they would be more adept with a child’s colouring crayon. The simplicity of a basic standard of living available to all within a democratic society, has been neglected. The intellectual, politician and wealthy do not accept a legacy of social conscience. Which means, their profit before jobs ideals are the reason for social bankruptcy. They have ignored and deceived the majority for too long and are about to pay the price.

Is there an answer? It seems that incentives should given to those who work or contribute and nothing more than a basic and capped entitlement for those who chose to take benefits without making a contribution, is a fair and sensible possibility. The problem is, the opportunities for industrial and well paid work has been eroded by those who believed white collar work, banking, insurance and the service industries are the best basis for a successful economy. A keen observer will realise the flaws in this policy. A country needs a balance of white collar infrastructure and industry. The future lays with heavy investment in industrial production.

In my world I see four needs.

1. A comfortable home. It does not have to be a mansion. I do not have to own it. Community housing is fine and would be my priority. Although today I would find this difficult to access as there is two to three year long waiting list for community housing. One of the reasons is exampled in the city in which I live, with millions spent by the council on trams, civic buildings and a new market square and little on community housing. There is a need for homes not status. The arrogance of the ‘peacock’ councillors is commonplace in this country. Prestige in communities is perceived as an acknowledgement to success, multi million pound projects in transport and an hours swimming costing six pounds, broken down housing, the sale of council owned property to developers who build student rents. The madness of the situation is beyond comprehension.

Private rents are the seed of much discord due to the landlords greed. I comment here that private landlords properties rent should never be higher than the rents for same sized municipally owned housing. Is there a reason why community housing should not be freely available?  There is! Forty years ago social housing was not a problem, until an insipid and evil idea to take public housing from the poor and place it into the hands of the rich was developed by the economist advisors.

The process of greed works like this. A council tenant has his ‘rights’ to long term tenancy eroded to make him feel insecure. He is then offered a ‘Right to buy’ the property at a knock down price, to install a feeling of security to his future life. In the euphoria of the offer he does not see the reality. He buys the house valued at 100 thousand for a discount price of 50 thousand. The mortgage repayment is close to the rent and he now has to maintain the property, he becomes unable and unwilling to pay, the property is repossessed. The private landlords are like sharks waiting in the defaulted mortgage auction room. Council asset worth 100 thou sold for 50 thou and then repossessed ends up being owned by the private sector for half its true value. The defaulter has lost his home and ends up living in a worse property with a private landlord for more rent.

Is it any wonder the poor voted out?

Explain This

Explain This

2. The home should have affordable utilities. I do not waste my gas, electricity, water. Indeed it is expensive, far to expensive. Why should this be so?

Prime Minister Thatcher enforces the sales of publicly owned utilities. Gas, electricity and water. These assets are in public ownership and are part or the infrastructure of the country. The population were informed private companies can run these business’s better and will supply the gas, water and electricity at a cheaper price. The shareholders of the new business’s have a better idea. They increase the price of the supplies and add an extra material burden upon the poor. The sales of public assets has been a policy of all subsequent governments who took the advise of the so called genius’s called economists. Yes, there may have been arguments for the sales. But at what long term cost? The dole queues grew and people lost their self respect. That’s the truth of it, the short term gains have had catastrophic long term losses. Be certain privatisation will be a part of the changes as the price of power and water rises. Think about the French owned power stations, Spanish owned airports et cetera. Once we have left the EU the business will have to pay heavy taxes for the profits made on their UK assets. The EU reciprocal arrangements will change the tax situation dramatically.

Is it any wonder the poor voted out?

3. I require decent food and my material needs at a sensible price.

Everything I buy is processed by multinational business. Multinationals have share holders who correctly expect a dividend for their investment. The multinational has no interest in anything other than profit. Their shares are traded on the worlds stock markets. In truth the markets do not effect anyone who does not invest to any great degree. If Tesco’s shares are down for a week, the wise know they will return to a sensible price. All Tesco has to do is increase its price of milk by a penny or your whole shopping basket by 30 pence and their profits will rise and the shares return to a higher value. The trouble sets in with investors in pension funds, these perform badly. The biggest problem is people are living longer, the pension funds struggle to keep up with demand. The British governments over the last 40 years have all sold assets which has damaged their ability to pay state pensions, there is a real problem ahead on this front. Those of you who worry about the value of the pound should have no concern, the money dealers love a crisis, the exchange rate only effects the man in the street when he goes on holiday! You do not buy a car or a foreign product every day of the week, if the new vehicle goes up in price by 10% it will not effect the price of a second hand car. There are those who will say, ‘Yes but the price of the pound will effect our exports’ I will answer ‘If the quality is good enough, people do not mind paying a premium’ – Nobody cares about paying 700 for a phone which costs 45 pound to make do they?

The problem is there has been no sensible pricing of food due to the globalisation of the supplies via multinational shareholder industries. Food is more expensive than it should be because of this and something else. Commodity trading. Make no mistake the commodity traders impoverish the third world countries, buying anything from coffee to nuts for ‘pea-nuts’ and selling the ‘asset’ for its weight in gold. So food is expensive for us and has little value to those who grow it. This is a simply terrible and evil state of affairs. Remember who has made the African and South American growers poor next time you put a spoon of sugar in your coffee cup and a pound in the Oxfam box. The commodity dealers are a large part of global poverty.

Is it any wonder the poor voted out?



4. I need to earn my living.

Consider that if you earn less than 10 thousand in the UK you will not pay tax. If you do not work you will receive some form of benefit. I have little problem with the benefit system. The government should not either as most of the benefits go back into the system.  The problem is there are many other taxes. Car fuel 80% taxed. Alcohol 90% taxed. In fact every item purchased has tax hidden within its price. The revenue accumulated is incredible and the governments squandering of this money is beyond comprehension. The poor are made to scrimp for every small pleasure and the greedy establishment squanders the revenue with careless abandon.

Bankers pay themselves incredible bonuses. When their banks becomes insolvent, it asks the government to bail them out using tax payers money, this is simply madness. The tax breaks for multi-millionaires are so great some do not even pay one penny piece, this is simply madness. The situation is weighed so heavily in favour of the super rich and so heavily against the poor, you would cry tears of blood if the full truth were to be exposed.

Is it any wonder the poor voted out?

Over the last 40 years the system of economics developed by the intellectual and embellished by the short term and most often unqualified politician has ripped the spirit and soul from the poor. The parasites have conspired to enrich their personal lives and finances, without a second (contemptuous) thought for the majority. They have seen only their point of view and failed to understand the needs of the poor. The poor have no interest in Europe, many do not even own a passport. They have no industry to work or die in, no self respect for their lives or environments. With no respect for their own country, how the hell do you expect them to respect people who cannot speak their language, or seem to have more rights than them, the native? The intellectual’s have become so far away in thoughts and ideals from the citizens who are the back bone of this country, they cannot begin to understand the poorer citizen’s lack of respect or hatred for those who have benefitted from the pillage of their industrial, social and national heritage. The intellectual, politician, liberal and do good-er name the poor racist and ignorant. This is not racism or ignorance, it is fear and their reality of what they see as injustice.

Is it any wonder we voted out?

Rotten Establishment

Rotten Establishment

Maybe my observations have some flaws. It is possible the genius intellectual may come up with a distortion or two and attempt to prove me wrong.  I know this much, the fundamental thread of thought which flows through this essay is the same as the thoughts and beliefs of the poor and impoverished. We are not racist bigots, fools or parasites. We are millions of people who have been raped of our culture, industry, inheritance and national pride. The poor did not cause this madness, how could they have done so? Not one real citizen has been part of the institution called government for thirty years.

Is it any wonder we voted out?


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