No Care Left

Crazy – WoRk tHiS OUt

It is official. Human’s become addicted surfing. A survey discovers some unfortunates tap their mobiles for fifty hours a week. Innovation? More like social destruction. The owner of the small cinema reveals ‘Netflix and streaming have damaged my business’ Stay at home cinema nights, history repeats itself, home entertainment closes the theatre. Self-driving cars, take the danger out of driving. Not a chance of insurance premium reduction. Tired of transformation, I crave nostalgia.

Years of chocolate, teeth decimated. Thousands of cigarettes, lungs are wheeze-bags. Gallons of beer stored in a pot belly. Whisky dead brain cells fog my thoughts. Without spectacles, I’m unable to drive. Car’s I used to love ‘em, it breaks my heart to think how many thousands wasted.

Listening to hair brained get rich quick schemes. I feel despair for the twenty-something entrepreneur. The next thing is, I am reminded of my own, bar room millionaire plans. Once, I needed fifty hands to count my friends. Now I cannot even count the fingers on one hand, let alone remember anyone’s names.

Children were demonstrating against politicians. Hoping for the cancer cure, world peace, parole for mass murderers, followed by a trust in karma, alien invasion and angels with pockets full of cash. These hopes within the minds of the naive are the smug smile impossibilities of a cynic. Cast the net of fact, into the waters of illusion. The catch is knowledge, a harvest corrupted by the ignorant. Irrational behaviour is seen through cataract lenses of the wise.

Wisdom cannot be learned; it is an accumulation. Wisdom cannot be cherry picked, spoken of by a guru, found in a book, or taught by the mortal. The quiet peace of inescapable truth, this is wisdom. Wisdom is not fact, information, knowledge, the degree of learning. Wisdom is the essence of learning, the force which flows through reasoning.

Without the faculties of a sharp and clear mind, well-being of a healthy body, an exuberance of youth. What is there? For a few, there is wisdom.


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