In Protest there is Freedom


I watched with interest the World Wide Women’s Movement demonstrations. The incoming President has certainly stirred the feelings of millions of right and fair-minded people. In seven differing views from reporters across the internet. The consensus is overwhelming in its weight for women’s point of view.

The 45th President made many potentially contentious and dangerous comments during his election campaign. The list is endless, diverse and to this writer’s mind perverse. Will Trump be able to negotiate his ideas with Congress? I doubt it. It is possible his racist policies may get a deeper foothold within certain members of the population. It is inconceivable his ideas would become law. We see from the extent of protest the fear many morally minded people have of Trump’s policies.

women-protest-2Over the following months, I expect to see the President drowning in his lies. Secure a position with inaccuracy and bull and the outcome is inevitable. In the same way, an employee lies about his C.V and eventually seen as a fraud. The 45th President will fall by his words and the weight of people’s opinion. Democracy is how he secured his position. It is a democracy which protects the population. It is a democracy which will have the final opinion.

As I read the articles and rhetoric two questions arise. The first is why did the power and determination of this type of demonstration not take place during the months before the election? The second is; Why did Clinton not pick up on the feelings of millions of women and minority groups? The differing opinions are many-fold, and no single answer is known. This writers sense’s the answers as 1) The liberal-minded voter became complacent and did not believe Trump would win the election and 2) Clinton aligns herself with industry, finance, and law. She is power driven and ignored the majority population.

I researched the protests not to write this post. The protests were of such magnitude, I searched the internet, for fair and balanced appraisals of the situation. The women have valid concerns and have used their right as members of a free democracy to protest. As I read the global assessments, I looked to the opinion of the Middle Eastern countries. My mind was taken away from Trump and the protestors, to a more important lesson.

Last week, I listened to a woman talking about her hatred of Jews and Israel. ‘Murderers and terrorists, backed by America’ I did not comment on her beliefs, there is little point of doing so. To understand the problems of this situation is beyond the statement ‘Murderers and terrorists, backed by America’ Her comment came to mind as I read about the protests of the last few days. I looked at the map and searched to see the extent of Middle Eastern protest.

The Woman’s Movement exposed another avenue of thought. The woman’s hatred of Israel ignored the freedom within the country. The democratic right to free speech. Freedom to protest against the hand (according to the racist) which feeds the country. When I researched the surrounding countries, I could find little evidence of protest against Trump. As to financial aid for Israel. There is plenty of evidence to suggest the American Government sends millions of dollars of aid to the surrounding countries as well.


The reader may believe I am supporting Israel. The assumption is incorrect; I have no opinion about the situation as finding accurate information is difficult. Secondly, I confess to having little interest in anything of which I can have no influence over. Reading hateful rhetoric and bias supposition is not my way of assessing any issue.

This writer believes in the power of democracy. If anyone believes Trump will be able to instigate his election rally promises, they are way off the mark. Wall across a Mexican Border? Have a look at how challenging and expensive the Berlin Wall was to maintain. Castigate and ban Islam in America? The potential to increase terror attacks is terrifying. If the extremist needed a way of infecting others with their disease, here it is. Remove women’s hard fought for rights? He’d have to fight Congress and World opinion every inch of the way. Trump will only be President once; his legacy will poison the political and social landscape of America for decades to come.


The lesson is not why the women protested. The lesson learned is from the countries which do not encourage or ban protests. Israel murderers? It possible, but for the lady who told me this, I would suggest a counter-point. ‘The countries where women are stoned to death and enforced into child marriage. Have little democracy or human rights. Are those who you support?’ It is interesting how easy it is to ignore other aspects of the issue. It is also interesting how much President Obama supported countries who emasculate millions of women.

usa-aid-for-jordanMillions of women rallied across the World over the last four days. They opened this writer’s mind further than the protests. Those who believe a bankrupt illusionist will affect their lives or human rights; will do well to look to democracy, for the reality. While seeking to protect our rights and protesting to keep them in place, do not forget the millions of citizens who live without democracy. Whenever we protest, it is more about the fact we can demonstrate than the reason we are doing so. Is a population safer in a country within a democracy, where basic human rights are protected by law? The answer must be affirmative. The woman who called Israel a country of murderers ignores a question. Is it best to live in a flawed country with a democratic vote or one which ignores basic human rights, without the hope of democratic change?

When looking at the search results look at the dates of the listing. The searches were done on Monday 23rd January 2017.

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