Paradoxical Intention

All Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye

Sifting through my MP3 folder titled ‘Recorded Talks’ I discover it contains 83 files. One presentation is a history of the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Toward the end, I talk about how the internet will change our lives.

‘Do not worry about political control and lies. The internet will ultimately change politicians rhetoric from lies to half truth and distorted fact. In the long term, the politician’s foe will not be opposition party’s – it will be the internet.’ Many cannot believe this to be accurate. The fact is becoming a reality.

I continue: ’The internet will guide a critical thinker to return to freedom. People will keep cars longer, become less fashion conscious and spend less. Identity and integrity will become more important than wealth and illusional success.’

The microphone used has a tight pattern, and I cannot hear the audience’s response. I do remember the expressions of uncertainty and a visitor questioning the final statements after the presentation. The ideas have some merit, the suggestions made six years ago, have a degree of accuracy which provides hope to the future.

Political activist Gina Miller has joined the General Election affray with a pledge to ‘support any politician who opposes a ‘hard’ Brexit. Whatever this means is of no interest, anyone who believes they can overwhelm a democratic vote has no place in my reasoning. I have little concern for the pros and cons of Gina’s crusade. I do have an interest in critical thinking and the influence of words. In this instance ‘conformation bias’ comes into play.

‘Confirmation Bias’ dictates a closed minded thinker will become in agreement with anything which confirms their beliefs. An understanding of this idea will be of comfort to all who attacked by Gina’s determination to undermine the election vote. Anyone who aligns themselves against the referendum outcome will, in fact, re-enforce the original result! Gina offers a pipe dream as useless as a lifebuoy in a winters Baltic swell.

Now, let us use psychology to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election. I used the same reasoning for my ‘out’ referendum prediction. I predict a massive Conservative win. It will be of such magnitude, the landscape of this country will change forever. And Gina will have played a major part in the result. If Blair and Mandelson decided to enter the arena, the Conservatives would laugh all the way to the winner’s podium. I doubt whether opposition parties will easily recover from the sledgehammer swing to the right.

The psychological effect in play is named paradoxical intention. For example: Gina says ‘I do not want you to think about Hard Brexit. I want you to think about my ideas’, and she causes many to vote against any idea she puts forward. Right or wrong she has a problem.

The key is 99% of people are not critical thinkers, and most people see the person, not the message. Blair, Mandelson are viewed by most people as greedy and corrupt. Gina is seen outside of her domain as a millionaire, lawyer and business woman. No matter how much the trio shouts out their ideals, their opinion will not be trusted, millions of people will vote because of their reputation, looks and social position, not their arguments. This phenomenon is known as ‘halo effect.’

You may counter the argument and suggest ‘Gina’s raised £2 million with her crowd funding, this shows how many people are with her.’ Critical Thinking works through the gifts. If two hundred thousand people give ten pounds each,  this equates to two million pounds. It is certain the gifts come from people who already voted against leaving the E.U. Therefore the amount, in reality, is insignificant.

There is a further problem for Gina, does she believe she can influence the democratically voted politicians and their constituents? If she does, paradoxical intention works against her again ‘You will listen to what I have to say’ will turn those she is attempting to influence against her. All they need is the thought ‘I will not be dictated to, no one will undermine my power’, And Gina’s hit the ground hard, her parachute has failed to open.

Fighting against what has happened or attempting to reverse the minds of people will not work. Humans resent being ‘talked down to’ Mrs May holds a Royal Flush, and she knows, the rest of the gamblers can throw whatever they like on the table. After revealing her hand, she will not only keep the pot; she’ll have a handbag full of I.O.U’s.

Allow me to be clear with you; I have no political views or opinion. I have an interest in the way we think and how people are influenced. I know why winners are lucky and losers cry. I attempted to place a one hundred pounds bet on a Conservative win, the odds? 1/20, this means I would have a return of five pounds for a ton bet. Ladbrokes agree with me.

My prediction using psychology and Critical Thinking is –  An overwhelming win which will change the landscape of this country forever.

Psychic? – No, ‘Critical Thinker.’


  1. What odds!! I think May is rightly confident because there is no feasible opposition party. Politicians seem to have lost the art of rhetoric and I remember a time when critical thought was both taught and encouraged…let’s wait and see what happens next…🙈🙉🙊

    1. Thanks Samantha. It is not difficult to foresee the next three years. State benefits and pensions dissolved. Major concessions given to international business, industry and banking. Wealth gap becomes a crevasse

        1. No doubt about it. A vast majority of tax payers are beginning to resent social charity. This is the reason they will vote for any party which promises to reduce benefits. Acute reasoning suggests tax payers see a connection between high taxes and social charity. People shout Foul play we have to be charitable. And in the ballot box vote in the opposite direction.

        2. Yes…media manipulation at its best as an instrument for those in power.

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