SeaSide SnapShot

Nice Man
Nice Man

Why would a ‘snapshot’ image of a man and his dog be interesting? It is the place, and the time, the word is ‘event.’ We enjoy looking at images which ask why’s, where and hows. Even though we are resistant to answer questions about our own how, why and where’s. Bruce Chatwin sums up much of life with the title of his book ‘How Did I Get Here?’ We all ask this question at some time in our life.

The man with the dog is an excellent chap; his animal needs to be on the beach. One moment the canine is sitting down, the next pulling at the lead. It is a snapshot, I’m too close to reframe the composition. We do not need to see the bigger picture, there is enough to recreate the memory.

Sax Blower
Sax Blower

The Sax Blower was stoned out of his mind. You could smell the weed ten meters away. His sign claimed he’d just returned from Glastonbury and needed a few quid for his travels. Problem is, the sign is tatty and old, festival old. In reality his dope habit the priority. I threw in a one Euro coin which seemed to be apt for a nomad. Don’t ask me why I think the Euro was suitable; maybe you could work it out.

Awaiting Disaster
Awaiting Disaster

The family is ‘snapping’  a child on the ‘Big Wheel’ in this case it’s a ‘Dodgy Wheel’ – I have a fascination with ‘clapped out’ English seaside rides. We bemoan drink-drivers, larger louts, suicidal motorcyclists, and previously mentioned addicts and climb on a rusting twenty-year-old Meccano fairground attraction without a weighing up the odds.

Happy Diners
Happy Diners

The couple in the last snap are leaving my favorite Fish & Chip Shop (Chip shops are always ampersand not and) Ernie Becketts. It is evident to me they are in shock as anyone would be, leaving this Palace of Haute Cuisine.

All Pics taken with a Pentax MX + 40mm f2.8 lens + FomaPan 100 developed in Rodinal 50+1


  1. Interesting pictures, a moment captured forever…wonder if the man will make it to another festival..?

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