Three Minute Essay

By my desk is a piece of paper. On it is seven ticks. Each one signifies a question

‘Ian, what do you think about the election?’

Seven times I have answered – ‘I don’t think anything about the election. Nothing will change, the politician says anything to get a vote. Their words are rhetoric.’

Only one did not attempt to take the conversation further. I don’t try to repeat my reply. I smile and tap a few more words on this keyboard.

One thing is for sure, The Members of Parliament will not be concerned if their lies never come to fruition. Knowing full well the social and cultural history of this country is in ruination; due to politician’s manipulation to personal gain; I cannot see any good in their relentless ignorance, and therefore I cannot comment. They are deceivers who are motivated by self-interest.

Whenever man attempts to become within power, he will lie. The lies are designed to corrupt the listener into greed. ‘If you vote for me I will give you more benefits.’ And the social charity defeats the integrity of all the populous.

Three minutes…


  1. So…who are you voting for I heard that the Communist Party aren’t putting a candidate up for the first time since 1920…

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