The Answer is What?


Lion Heart
Lion Heart

It is a great life. No not great, it is brilliant. Take every moment as your own, and those who cannot see the advantages, let them live in their disadvantages. I don’t care if the computer doesn’t work, they have spent too much, the promising child turns out to be a spoiled self-centered brat or the benefits have been wasted on tobacco, booze or drugs.

I’m not interested in the how something occurred or why I lost 30 years of life in a London Smog existence.  There is no interest in why something happened and who was part of the situation. I take full responsibility for every moment of my six decades of life.

The question is not who or why? If Jacks’ in constant conflict, it’s because he will see the problem in every issue or situation. Jack doesn’t accept his rebelliousness, fighting against and resistance is his downfall. There will never be a way out for this unfortunate. Because he enjoys the drama, it is the only way he’ll be acknowledged or seen. Personally, I will not recognise his self-inflicted plight. Is his problem addiction to sympathy?

My way is not who, why or when. It is ‘what’ am I going do to make my life better and happy. What work do I need do to earn an excellent lifestyle? What do I need to research to think and reason critically (with precision and care) and with clarity? What emotional strength do I need to overwhelm the weaknesses of, blame, complaint, and self-delusion? What should I speak? It can only be my truth.

I know I have to take chances and many times I will fail. I understand I have to expose my truth and integrity to the world without compromise. The wisdom of reality rises above all illusions. And those who live and dream are always asking who, why, and when because they cannot face the reality of what? What have I to do today, tomorrow, next week, month, year, decade to make my life successful?

What have I to do? This is my only question.

Amendment: Sidney Vincent asked ‘What is successful?’ I replied in this way:-

‘Success is a knowledge of achievement. It is ongoing and ever evolving. Success is reciprocal love, kindness, and endeavour. It has little to do with money, it is how we are seen by others. Success is your relationship with Marjory and those who know and love you. I am surprised you has to ask Sidney’

Of course, there can be many interpretations of this word. It is important to realise our personal meanings to ANY word affect the way we live our lives. If I achieve recognition of personal integrity, ability to face reality and work to be free of the many forms of debt, then in my mind I will be successful as a human-being.


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