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Deep Thoughts

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I wonder if evolution is objective.

Fifteen years ago I sat behind a two table stall at a psychic fair selling crystals with Liz. We followed the teaching found in our sales bible, I cannot recall the title, I remember the wisdom of  the principal lessons: –

All items must be priced.
Talk to customers.
The truth loses some and gains many customers.

This formula has always worked for us and continues to do so every day at our small ‘base camp’ at the Victoria Market in Nottingham.

We chose to keep our retail outlet, rather than purchase a shop and office. The equation is simple; the lock up shop limits our working day to nine hours six days a week. Fifty-four hours a week is enough for any average human. I have no interest in the individual who claims business is eighteen hours a day seven days a week. I did this for years without making real headway. The reality is: excessive work for no real return is an indication something is not working. Following a process of no return for extreme effort indicates the victim is looking inward. He is probably convinced his way is the right way; he believes he will succeed in the end.

Truth to tell, the mind and body do not function to maximum advantage when exhausted. To my mind, hard work extended over many years MUST produce a consistent profit. If we work without making a profit ( a gauge of success ), we waste precious life hours. Understanding life hours is an important lesson. I write about this idea in my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’.  The basic premise is that we exchange the hours in our lives for money. Therefore, if we associate every purchase with the amount of ‘life hours’ expended to buy the item, we have a better way of valuing the possession.

For Example: –

A man earns six pounds an hour after tax. He buys a phone for 600 pounds. Six divided by six hundred equals one hundred: Therefore he works for one-hundred hours to buy the phone. Once we value our possessions in life hours and not money, the perception of the item changes.

We could consider the conversion of life hours into money. The following example explains how the conversion works. The explanation also exposes the ultimate profit system. Whenever humans convert natures produce they will make a profit, the conversion is named a harvest. Oil, minerals, ores and various crops are harvests of the planets gifts. Whoever possess so called ‘rights’ to the harvest will have the greatest earning potential of all. There is no cost of the material; the only cost is the extraction. At the most, basic level life hours will extract the profit. In my example, six trees are ‘felled’ in a garden. The timber is then cut into five tonnes of fire wood; the kindling is sold. My energy and my time converted the timber ( harvesting natures produce ) into a saleable item. If I owned a large enough area of land, I could grow trees to cut for timber. Well possibly not, however, you can grasp the idea. In fact, I do grow plants which I intend to sell. No not dope or anything illegal, just succulents and cacti. My experiment is to see if I can ‘grow’ some plants into one thousand pounds. If the idea is successful, I may take it further.

Stones Have a Value
Stones Have a Value

A friend asks me: ‘What is a success?’ – I find this question interesting because he is a successful man. His marriage and family are secure, close and happy. He is successful; he is materially comfortable and respected. His question demonstrates that success is evasive because the word suggests something which is difficult to define. For examples, people say:-

‘How can I be successful?’
‘I want to be successful.’
‘Success is around the corner.’

And yet, if pushed to define ‘success’ they fluster ‘Ah well! Success is a beautiful house, car, relationship.’ I wonder if relationship, house or car is a sign of success? Maybe success is holistic, a complete and unified effort to become a human of integrity.

When I interview someone who is wealthy, I ask ‘Did you decide to become rich?’ It is a confusing question, ask it when you talk to a rich individual. Some comment truthfully ‘I’ve never thought about it’ others will say ‘No, I love my work’. My favourite answer was from a hairdresser ‘I saw how much money my employer earned. I thought I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months. Yes, I did decide to become rich.’

If you think about the last answer, it is wise to consider the process. Fiona, says ‘I thought, I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months.’ Do we accept Fiona learned a process which worked and then made the process better? I feel she did so, as she now owns eight shops. Fiona followed the secret of success, she watched and learned an existing process and improved the way it worked. Liz and I read a book about selling to the public, followed the lesson in the book and made a profit.

The idea of life hours is core to meeting our objective. The aim is to work in the best possible way and understand the process of anything we need to use or utilise. For examples we need to know how to: –

Produce video promotions.
Write essays.
Understand how to look after our web presence.
Demonstrate a preference to place performance before profit.
Assess the progress of our efforts.
Know when to change direction.
Understand the objective.
The objective is the method of attainment.

Is the objective the method of attainment? This writer is convinced when a project is fulfilled it stagnates, and once it stagnates, it is dying. The flowers may seem to bloom, although the soil is sterile and the garden will turn to the bramble.

Times up and one thousand words are written in this exercise of free flowing thoughts

See You Soon

Baden Powell - Be Prepared
Baden Powell – Be Prepared


  1. Inspirational as well as aspirational to follow ones own path wherever it may lead, all about the journey and not necessarily the end destination.

  2. The message I took from it is the importance of not resting on your laurels, success is not the end, there is also the need for maintenance to keep that success going because if you don’t the successful formula can still be reversed. I liked the bit about equating items into hours worked I have naturally done that all my life. I wish though I had realised it sooner as an equation as I wouldn’t have worked so many hours just to drink it away on saturday’s. Gave me interesting food for thought as well because if you don’t put in the hard yards you won’t achieve as I feel there is no formula for an over-night success and also to realise that if you aren’t succeeding then maybe it is time for a new strategy. I hope to re-visit this article and indeed my strategies in about a years time and then see what position I am in then. Interesting times ahead. A very interesting article Ian thanks for posting.

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