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Download It Here

You can download the ebook ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ without cost for five days. The book is centred on the idea of ‘Selfness’. This philosophy encourages the reader to become successful and happy. The ideas are not magical or esoteric. A reader will not find the concepts easy to agree or resonate with; this is the way of success. Continuous effort is required for a worthwhile objective to come to fruition.

There are no indoctrinations:

The idea stems from the hundreds of interviews record over the last ten years. The varied personal environments of the interviewees provide a fascinating insight into the process of achievement. Most successful people understand the potency of combining intellectual, emotional and material ideas. The reader will discover that success is not instant or easy. Although the book should be read from the perspective of setting ideas of thought, not one of teaching die-cast methods.


Clear and Simple:

The style is clear and simplistic. Readers are encouraged to take possession of the book and make it their own. Some of the chapters were printed out and given to friends and followers of my work. I asked them to read each paragraph with care and paraphrase the ideas to make them their own. The feedback was remarkable: Alan comments: ‘I was not too keen on the chapter at first. The problem was the words would not leave me, and this agitated me because, even though I disagreed, I could understand the sentiment. Once I wrote out two of the paragraphs in my own words, I realised, as you predicted Ian the concept would make a deep impression.’ Kathrine comments: ‘I have never read anything like the concept of ‘Environments’. I found it almost frightening as if the way I viewed my life had changed’.

Nothing to Lose

There is nothing to lose by downloading the Kindle edition. If you do read this book, I would ask you to spend a few moments giving it a review. You can be certain if you have a book which needs a reviewing I would, if asked, take the time to appraise the book. I believe some of the people I follow on WordPress would help me to find success with this book,

Many Thanks Ian

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  1. Alex downloaded your book for me on his account – can’t wait to read it and thank you SO much for the opportunity xx

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