Your Life is My Fault

This Article Is The Reason

‘Karma will get them for doing this to me.’

What a crazy statement. If you are into spiritual surely the only answer is forgiveness, not revenge? I wonder if the people who say ‘Karma will get them for doing this to me’ have thought the concept through?

It seems to me the fundamental principle of Karma is retribution for previous harmful acts. So, a critical thinker may consider when someone says ‘Karma will get them for doing this to me’. The complainant must have done something to deserve being subject to some form of Karmic punishment.

Some spiritual people suggest the Karmic balance continues from incarnation to incarnation. With careful consideration this idea presents problems. None of us is without sin. We have all crossed the line of truth and moral precepts. Therefore as one lifetime’s misdemeanours are punished in the subsequent life, we are setting ourselves up for the next life’s Karmic punishments. I am beginning to think this Karmic deal is not very good at preventing sins.

Within this idea, we have to consider the idea of pre-life choice. The new age guru suggests we humans choose to go through specific experiences during a lifetime. I know this much the logistics of your divorce, cancer, crippling motor-cycle accident involve a system organisation better than N.A.S.A putting Buzz on the moon. The heavenly organisers must have one billion Gb brains. A fool comments ‘The Jews chose to experience the gas chamber’ So six million souls gathered in the pre-life area in heaven eighty or more years before the holocaust and one of them said ‘I’ll tell you what chaps, I feel like being a Jew and being gassed in a chamber somewhere in Poland’. Six million other souls say ‘Wow! What a brilliant idea, sign me up’.

The pre-life programmers have to set to work. They need to find a soul who wants to be a murdering dictator, one volunteers he likes the name Hitler, the slaughter is ready to go. Now they need to put together a tribe of lunatic’s to follow Hitler. Somewhere else in the pre-life organisation a soul is tasked to develop Zyclon-B. Next thing you know: Thirty million other souls are catching on to the idea of World War ‘Sign me up, I want to have my legs blown off 5000 miles from home and live the rest of my life as war hero cripple’.

To my mind the idea of pre-life experience is flawed. Although, a spiritual guru may suggest I decided to write this article on a MacBook sixty-one years or more ago. This is brilliant because my need for the MacBook means I created Apple Computers. Steve Jobs was part of the equation. He had to develop this MacBook for me to write this article. I can also tell you my spirit decided to become soul (sorry sole) winner of tonights Euro Lottery. It will be a bottle of Dom Perignon a day from tomorrow onward.

Now, I’m going to let you into a secret. You have me to thank for the invention of Penicillin, advanced surgery techniques, Isuzu trucks, Kawasaki motorbikes, Nikon and Canon cameras. Because in my pre-life decision making in the year 1601: I chose to return circa 1958 and need all of these items for this life experience. The boffins at reincarnation H.Q. had their work cut out with my plan I can tell you. I’ll bet a pound for a penny you are pleased I had the foresight to be sitting here today, typing this article.

So, how do we know if the punishment or ‘difficult’ situation is choice or Karmic punishment? The answer is in the individual’s life. Those who are successful, happy and live a comfortable life do not have concern for Karma or pre-life choice. The ‘why I’s?’ need to blame others or find a cosmic reason for their plight. I do not go for the idea that people choose to be born into poverty and live in slums. I am sure they do not wish to be there as the spiritual guru claims. The reason the little children suffer and starve is that the parents breed them into life.

Age has helped me see the truth of many situations. I do not care for the humans who could make a difference to humanity and choose to profit their position. Billions of dollars in bank accounts, taxes squandered and leaders stealing life hours in taxes. While the masses believe their lies they will live lives of oppression.

I sincerely apologise for causing this situation. It is all my fault. Because in my pre-life plan I decided to write this essay today. Maybe Karma will punish me for the formulation of the plan.


  1. As I understand the law of Karma it is the law of cause and effect – we need to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts, especially if we harm other beings, intentional or not. It begins with accepting we are perhaps here to fulfil a life plan, but one where we make choices in the here and now not to execute parts of that plan. If we do not constantly realign our thoughts towards this state of being, then non-awareness is created and perhaps karma for the consequences of our actions. However in reality we must wrestle with our egos and be welcoming to change, even though it may bring good or bad experiences. I too cannot accept that everything is fate, or that Hitler was born to do what he did. He made a choice to be that Dictator, he made it happen. Just as we can make it happen to have a fairer world and work together to cease oppression and religious intolerances – it begins within our own worlds and communities. Sliding Doors……..

  2. Believing in karma or not is the individual choice but we are responsible for our every act and its effect on us and others. If our action is worthy, beneficial and is going to be helpful to us and others then for me it is good karma which maybe, I am not sure will be counted but if our actions are devastating, harmful for mankind, society and for our self too then its bad karma which will be punished in this lifetime.
    I understand karma this way.

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