Who are We?

Who are We?
Who are We?

I published an article sent in by a regular contributor on LizianEvents News. It was about anonymity. The author has had a few submissions posted over the previous weeks. They were well received with good comments and a few shares around the internet. I think sharing an article is a good indication quality and content appreciation.

LizianEvents News is a growing platform for a Events business in which I am involved. And one of the most significant problems I encounter is obtaining submissions or articles about how to become a ‘Well Being’. In fact, this work has become a remarkable insight into why people fail or succeed in business.

The platform is viewed by a combined total of 6000 people each month (Vimeo, WordPress, and social media streams) and it provides a real opportunity for people who take part in the show we organise to promote their businesses or services.

The insight is this: I talk to many people at the shows. I ask them for a brief appraisal of their work and receive many promises of submissions. Less than three percent honour the commitment. However: If we were to be judged by failing to fulfil an obligation, we would all be seen in a poor light.

Who are We?

So, the regular contributor chooses to be anonymous. And there is no comment about the word at the bottom of each article until she (yes I can give her a gender) writes about why she chooses to be unknown. I receive an email questioning if I should publish an anonymous article. A Community Member comments that he does not trust the integrity of someone whose identity remains hidden. Although I feel the fact, I have received a promised essay, is good evidence of integrity. Also, I would not publish anything which I believed to be dishonest or without integrity.

If the article is read with care, she informs the reader that choosing to be anonymous is a powerful ‘discipline’ and can be a sign of inner strength. I must point out that this is my interpretation and this is open to differing opinion. There is nothing within the essay which is unbelievable or not sensible. Her previous compositions are compelling insights into a woman who apparently values solitude and discovering peace.

We are surrounded by the unknown and never to be known. The names of the people in the cars which pass us on the motorway. The names of the builders who built your home. Does the confessor in the confessional words hold less truth (priests do not always know the confessor)? Has the patient the right to the doctors Hippocratic oath?

And what about the need for silence from the thoughts within our minds? The secrets which would genuinely validate our true character hidden behind the persona? Is there a power in being without a signature?

In truth none of us is known – Time dissolves all memories, and as the teachings of history and religion and philosophies changes so will future generations perspectives of life. In a connected world: it is possible being unknown will become an personal achievement.

We are all trees in a forest awaiting the creator’s axe.

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  1. People may pass on but the written word survives whether its creator is anonymous or not -she gave birth to the idea, doesn’t matter if she chooses to put her name to it or not.

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