House of Fame – LINDER


The House of Fame
Convened by Linder
24 Mar 2018 – 24 Jun 2018

The House of Fame curated by the artist Linder is the best exhibition I have attended at Nottingham’s Contemporary Gallery.

Who is Linder: Here is the Wiki Info:

Linder is an British Artist. A radical feminist and a well-known figure of the Manchester punk and post-punk scene, Linder is known for her montages, which often combined images taken from pornographic magazines with images from women’s fashion and domestic magazines, particularly those of domestic appliances, making a point about the cultural expectations of women and the treatment of female body as a commodity. Many of her works were published in the punk collage fanzine Secret Public, which she co-founded with Jon Savage.

The House of Fame
The House of Fame

And What is the exhibition about? The Contemporary’s Explanation:

The House of Fame is an ambitious exhibition conceived by Linder. At the heart of the presentation is a retrospective of the influential British artist and musician’s work, spanning more than 40 years of photomontage, graphics, costume and performance. Emerging from the Manchester punk and post-punk scenes in the 1970s, Linder focuses on questions of gender, commodity and display.

This diverse practice is presented alongside almost 200 works by some 30 artists selected by Linder. Stretching from the 1600s to today – and gathering together the worlds of art and architecture, fashion and theatre, music and design – the exhibition includes works by Inigo Jones, Mike Kelley, Alison and Peter Smithson, Moki Cherry, Ithell Colquhoun and Heidi Bucher, among many others. The House of Fame draws upon Linder’s many sources of influence and wide-ranging collaborations.

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I loved the exhibition and everything Linder has put together. Is this a review? No: It is impossible for me to find fault with this powerful and mind-expanding collection of imagery.

Tap Any Image To View The Gallery

From My Perspective, The Collection is a Work Of Art

View it at Nottingham Contemporary

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