Tick Tock Woe

About forty years ago I went out for a drink. During the session, I met up with a family member. We both enjoyed drinking and took a journey into the city; There is no recollection of the film we watched or the bars we visited. The only thing for sure is my return home was late. Well past midnight.

The following day my father was on the phone early:

“One of the warehouses has been vandalised; you better get over here”.

The warehouse had been broken into, and one of the forklifts has been used in systematic destruction. I suppose the cost of damage ran into a few thousand pounds. In those days you could buy a new VW Golf for about four thousand. The vandalism was not insignificant.

I left the warehouse and went over to the main yard where our trucks were loaded, and much of the manual work of the recycling business was carried out. Around three in the afternoon, I was arrested by two police officers.

“Where were you between two and six yesterday afternoon?”
“I was with my cousin in the City. We visited a few bars, watched a film and visited a few more bars. I returned home just after midnight”.

That is the fact of the situation: although the two officers did not believe me. I was subject to six hours of hell. At the end of the interrogation, the older of the two said he’d drive me home. During the journey he said:

“If you have committed the crime, make sure you get your story right with your cousin. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a serious offence”.

My reply was simple:

“There is no way my cousin is going to sit back and listen to this crap. I have had enough, you do not believe me, and that is your problem”.

His reply changed my life:

“In any other circumstance, I would accept your evidence. Only, in this case, your father is the one who has suggested your involvement. It is rare for a parent to imply a child has committed a crime. Most, defend their offspring no matter what the evidence or situation”.

I told the officer to drop me off at my local bar.

On that day, two things happened.

One: I never trusted a police officer again.
Two: I knew I was on my own, and always would be, and for the next thirty years I followed my path and lived as I chose.

It would have been my father’s birthday today and if ghosts exist and he reads this article. I finish with these words:

Tick tock the passage of time.
We joke about your deeds.
The truth about you in this story.

Comment on the post:

Mercedes 280 E
Mercedes 280 E his favourite car

I saw this car during a visit to Berlin in August. Within minutes of taking the picture. I decided to write about this bitter and life-changing moment. We never forget the turning points in our life.


  1. Betrayal from a relative is bitter indeed.

    You have done the absolute best thing – you live, you learn, you move on.

    Well written, emotional and emotive. Xx

  2. What a very, very sad story, Ian…
    Well, you decided to live as you chose, and you managed it, so , ‘congratulations’, you have done a good job of it! ( I do not trust police men either, especially police women!

    My view is most of them were bullies at school, now allowed to bully us under the disguise of the uniform of ‘robots’! This said from experience. Sorry to any who might be decent beings, but I have not met them yet!).

    My heart is heavy for you, Ian, thinking how you must have felt so let down from a young age! Well, know that now you have lots of friends who like & respect you!
    Double big hugs xxxx Brigitte

    1. The trange thing is Brigitte I think our the years it made me who I am and I accepted my father for who he was, although many believed him to be ‘wonderful’ – I knew the truth and this is all that matters! many thanks for your kindest of words – Much love – As always – Ian xx

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