Still I Rise – Exhibition @ Nottingham Contemporary

I visited an exhibition. I give it 8/10. During my walkaround, a woman asked if I enjoyed the show. I replied ‘Yes, very much’ she replied ‘How could you? You’re a man’. I smiled and walked away.

Rows of Zines and Fear Fountain (30-second video)

Tap any Image to view the gallery:

The comments cards – Excellent idea:

See You Soon


  1. Why wouldn’t you enjoy that unusual & thought-provoking exhibition, Ian?
    You are (nearly?! 🙂 as intelligent, determined and sensitive as a woman, aren’t you!? (ha ha ha 🙂 xxxx
    Am still trying to work out that ‘Fountain of Fear’, though… Perhaps needs to be seen at closer range? Was it in colour?

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