Distract Me

Thirty Minutes or One Thousand Word Challenge:

Liz and I always take a break early in January. We travel to the Cinque Ports in Kent to rest and walk the coast. The wind is relentless: biting sharp burning the face within an hour of exposure. Is there an explanation why wind burn and aching muscles after an hour’s of wandering give so much pleasure?

I suspect it is mental freedom. Conversations with my inner-being seem to be about peace. “Free me from thoughts, and the nonsense of my environment” demands my awakened unconscious. The burned face, pained muscles, remind of the day and smoke-screen conscious agitation. I’m tired of the past, wary of people’s problems. Scar my face with ice needles, tear my muscles, do anything to exorcise these crazy demons within my mind.

Wandering Thanet:

I read, listen and watch everything I can about ‘Critical Thinking’. A process which transforms the ability to reason, bringing wealths and peace into my life. Although there is a barrier to pass before the process becomes wholly acceptable. The barrier is focusing on prioritising my life, not other people’s. And ensuring my security before all else. Accepting thre are not acts of selfishness, and understanding they are mindsets of selfness, empowerment, happiness and freedom: is a testing adjustment.

Critical thinking advantage’s one’s life. The process demands we find all aspects of an issue: It is a difficult task, as sometimes information learned tests or changes long-held beliefs. In pursuit of understanding people’s statements they are tested.‘Help Me to understand what you are saying. Enlighten and persuade me to your way of thinking ’ is the exploratory question. People become uncomfortable, suspecting I am questioning the accuracy of their beliefs.

A man tells me politician Corbyn is a statesman. Another informs the only way is politician May. A third has faith in professors of economic’s. My mind considers they pursue a failed process. I suspect Corbin, May, Academic are no more capable than astrologers.

The three messenger’s belief systems are supported by their conformational bias. Cherry-picking information to ‘prove’ their claims and holds their idols in high esteem. All three correct in their minds. Each one controlled by a parental power. As many people are tied to childhood. Mother, father teacher, protect and nurture. And politician, law and system, become parental replacements. Anything is more acceptable, than taking responsibility for realities.

Examples of incompetence:

Brexit, referendum, social charity, human rights given by and later taken away by the establishment, Mexican walls built above tunnels and missions to Mars. What does it matter? How do these situations affect me? It is my life, my journey, my security which is the focal point. I must be free of the incompetent lawmakers who hypnotise the blind disciples?

In the last hours, we all stand alone; this is the conclusion, reality and reason to follow our desires. Fools worship multi-millionaire, sportsman, industrialist, celebrity, politician: seeing them as examples of success. Ignoring certainty this minority are most often self-focused. The majority can never be billionaire or millionaire, so why care?. Read the biographies, look up the myriad of information available about these unique and rare people and you’ll discover they are tough, hardened and centred.

One could consider the ‘celebrities’ success is chance, luck, situation. How many mistakes they make are not rectified? Who takes responsibility? They talk in riddles. Hide the truth. The worshippers ignore the losses, suffering, greed and manipulation involved in the prosecution of their idols ideas, the pursuit of excessive wealth.

No wonder my burning face and aching muscles are welcomed. Physical distractions from irrational acts impossible to change. Excepting one thing has changed which has made me similar to the ‘celebrity’. I can no longer give, there is nothing left. I’m not writing about money. People’s problems are too complicated, demand too much, all seems to be the child-like attitude. The need for parental-like care and failing to accept reality. How can someone be helped who is determined to push hot pokers in their eyes of truth?

A warning sign. While reading book’s (my real love). I’m finding it difficult to concentrate and hold my thoughts. Is this an indication of something more sinister? Is madness infiltrating the corridors of memories and reason? Is a phantom entering my mind, disguised as a million words, conversations, information, and the power of imagination constructs the demon. Now so overwhelming, it controls my fingers, typing these words.

In a dream, I see helpless, lost souls kneeling in a desert, hands over their smoking eye sockets. They cannot know truth, although, it stands square in front of them. They’ll sense it, even reach out and touch the peace of its reality. And because it cannot be seen, it does not exist. I’m reminded of blind reasoning: Not everything we see it factual, many mansions are illusions.

How many fools? The dreams and memories haunt the libraries of my mind: A know-all spiritual says: “Everything balances out”. What! Another wise sounding non-sense! Balance these thoughts: calm the anguish and pain, redress the balance of these scarred people, your words fail to heal their wounds: Do: the tears of grief and life long pain balance the memory of a drowned child. Are: Millions slaughtered in war, offset by a fragile peace? Is: Diagnosis terminal, restored with a neighbours cure? Is: The raped woman’s pain balanced by her sister’s life as respected wife? Is: a species wiped out by man, re-balanced by man’s over-population? A flawed spiritual theory traps her from reality. Nothing balances out; it is chaos and coincidence which forces creativity and change.

Peace is Truth

Ian Timothy

No editing – No Interest In Grammar Nazis


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