Focal Point

Focal Point

During these troubled times, it is essential to focus on the positive aspects of life. There are too many negative viewpoints and ideas which can easily lock into the subconscious mind. And once there: the ‘bad vibes’ cause havoc and discord. Is there a way to redress the balance?

We are naturally attuned to negativity and danger: because there once was a time when the threat was part of every moment. The wild animal, inter-tribal conflicts and a simple injury could result in death. Our life path and the external influence’s are nowhere near as dangerous today. However, our instincts are still biased toward seeing possible dangers.

We become attuned too many dangers: Crossing the street, driving a car, riding a bike, eating fatty foods, failing to exercise all have heightened risks. And the more we experience the danger: the less fear the subconscious associates with the activity.

Depression Rules

Of course, there is a reverse to this: if one continually sees or imagines the possible injury, disease, or financial setbacks associated with a situation: the sense of fear is heightened. And even a thought about the possibilities of the issue can elicit anxiety and panic attacks. In the worse case, fear becomes a psychotic illness requiring medical intervention.

Most successful people learn to assess the reality of possible danger from a broader horizon of thought. And others can weigh up the odds of being subject to life-threatening situations. They may choose to eat plenty of vegetables, one portion of meat each week or follow the Mediterranean diet: and choose to exercise daily and go to bed early. These three lifestyles alone can extend life and health. The successful may choose to budget their finances with care and live well within the means: working for a living is part of their mental and physical health regime. One specific aspect is they are close focussed on their environment.

A commanding general knows his armour and ordinance is key to victory. His troops are trained to the highest degree and are fit and centred on success. He knows there will be casualties and this is part of the theatre of war. However, he is prepared, and he knows there is every chance of winning the battle. The people who are fit and healthy are generals of their wellbeing: they know daily life will have hurdles which can be navigated around: their constitutional, moral and ethical compass is easily read.

Train to Win

If you wake up fearing the day ahead: ask if you entertained the same fear yesterday and the day before! And ask if the fear became a reality. You’ll probably go to sleep tonight still anticipating the worse. Deep and healing sleep will be evasive, and the insecure and uncomfortable feeling from poor sleep is mistaken for fears within the day ahead. Millions of people go through this daily awakening. A because of this discord: they seek compensations: alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, comfort foods. And many waste hours in front of the television rehearsing soap star disasters: believing the scriptwriters have answers or demonstrate outcomes of negative situations they have experienced. The illusion becomes a reality and life is an imagined mental disaster.

Is there an answer? Of course, but only if happiness and success is desired. Many will say ‘I want to be happy – I want to be successful’ and these statements confirm the reliefs are not content or successful. When we say ‘I want’ it means you do not have! And it is essential to recognise the way ‘I want’ reveals the reality of a person’s situation.

Many people know of the spiritual phrase: ‘I am’ and fail to see the reality or potential of the two words. When you focus on the inner being the ‘I’ and you ask: ‘Am I happy?’ What are your feelings? Do you feel good or uncomfortable? And here is the starting point of becoming free of fear. Because to be free of fear, there has to be an objective: and it is the objective which drives the process to success. No swing the question around and begin to focus the mind on ‘I am happy’. Let’s clear: when you think ‘I am unhappy’ you will be: we know this to be true. So, from today the mindset is ‘I am happy’.

‘I am Happy’

The general’s objective is victory, and everything needed to secure the conquest is accumulated because of the aim of winning. The army is formed to fight. It is a deterrent to those who wish to challenge the establishment which pays for the ordinance and men. Remember, the military does not have to be large to be effective, and small forces have conquered vast armies in the past.

Therefore, do not underestimate the damaging potential of entertaining a poor mindset. You still have immense potential to overcome the most difficult of situations. All one has to do is focus on the desire, the objective to be happy.

Émile Coué (26 February 1857 – 2 July 1926) was a French psychologist who composes the phrase ‘Every day in Every way my Life is Getting Better and Better’. Even today, millions of people follow this daily mantra. And he was decades ahead of his time: gurus and life coaches the world over have filled Émile’s lead. So, there is nothing new in the idea or how the concept works. Those who follow daily mantras are generals of their destiny! All one needs to do is to allow the subconscious mind to follow the lead.

And the lead is:

‘I am happy’ – In time, the subconscious mind will focus on the architecture of happiness and success. Just consider the reality: successful, happy and wealthy people do not follow a process of victory each time an objective is formed. They see the purpose and allow their positively-focussed sub-conscious mind to seek the right ways to achieve the goal.

Try it! The way out of fear is to know ‘I am happy’.

See You Soon

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