Soon To Be Forgotten

Soon To Be Forgotten

I was talking to a very interesting and well known comedian, he has been in the entertainment business for many years. Of cause he has a wonderful sense of humor and like most professional entertainers, he is a very astute thinker and businessperson. If you have to live from your persona and acting skill’s, you will not last very long in the profession, if you are not liked!

My good friend knows and has worked with many well know people, mostly English and there are a fair few, world famous celebrities in his “worked with” portfolio.

During the conversation he began to tell me about the late Bob Monkhouse, one of England’s most well loved comedian’s, my goodness you could feel the respect my friend had for Bob, telling me of his kindness, generosity and incredible memory.

If you only considered one thing whilst reading this Blog. You will have learnt that, to work on your persona, will bring benefits to many facets of your life. Astute thinking, memory, generosity and kindness will become a platform for success, if you are genius enough to recognize this fact.

Work with your personality before you work for riches! You will find that recognition of ability always comes before wealth. If you look carefully you will also discover, that, for many people, the quality of their personality is far more important than the size of their bank balance.

After a few delightful minutes of reminiscing. I said to my friend “do you know, there will already be generations of young people who do not know who Bob Monkhouse was, what he did and probably, they would not enjoy his style of comedy” my friend agreed.

I thought about this as I was driving home.

I realized there would be 100s of once popular actors, musician’s, writer’s and artist’s, who in less than 5 years of their professional ‘high peak’ of fame, had become lost in the inevitable fog of time.

Time is not only the great forgiver and forgetter. Time is also the great eliminator!

Can you name a few Nobel Peace Prize Winners? Politicians of 20 years ago? The lead singer in that one hit wonder? There are literally 1000s of people who have had their 15 minutes of fame.

This should make you happy, that you probably have not, nor never will taste your moment of national or world recognition! There are many who talk about their few TV appearance’s like a medal, thinking that it impresses. When, in fact, its boring.

You are a one in a billion human and you are soon to be forgotten and/or never known outside your circle of family, friends and colleagues. This is just, the most fantastic route to happiness you can imagine, because, when you accept this, you can enter into a simplistic life of culturing your persona, looking after your world and happiness and allowing everyone else to get on with their own life.

Anyone who does this, knows that they will have, a happy life, well lived.

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