Fake it ~ Until You Make it?

Fake it ~ Until You Make It?

No, its not for me!

I feel this tired old phrase is for the odd few, who do not realize how much effort went into their success or..paradoxically those who are in the wilderness and just keep hoping.

If you want to be an individual. A unique individual. Your own person. You cannot conform. You cannot be like any other. You have to form your alliance with? What?

You will have to form your alliance with yourself and this alliance does not form any allegiance with set ideas, set rules, set beliefs, of what..”make it’ means.

Those who are attempting (and I hope they will stay with their desire) to become an individual, will do well to realize, that there will, be many, individuals ~ friends ~ etc ~ who will unintentionally work against them in their quest.

It is really worth deep meditation, upon, this, real and constant danger, which prevents totally unique individuals fulfilling their unknown identity.

By real and constant danger. I refer to those who, in their attempt to find a unique success are defeated and broken by those who conform to the majorities concept’s of what “make it” is.

The mother and father who think that their daughter’s spouse is a fool, because he is taking risks, will become satisfied when the relationship is ruined. They do not support, they, hope, for failure.

The friend who is jealous of his friend, because he lives a live of slavery, mortgage, overdraft and debt, whilst his lifetime companion choses to live from day to day, not uncertain year to year.

Fake it ~ Until You Make It?

No, its not for me!

There are certain ways of living and the majority live in the way of conned-form-ity.

If you live in conned-form-ity ~ understand the rules ~ understand the system ~ live to work ~ and hope for the best ~ and you will ‘hopefully’ survive the life experience.

If you want to fake it, until you make it. You live in a world of danger and chance ~ mind you, there is every excuse under the sun, for your failure. You cannot take chances, in the conforming world and in the conforming world, total failure is acceptable.

So why not be happy? Follow your path and find out what will happen? If you attempt to do this you will be almost unique. I very much doubt if you will ever will.

You will be totally happy, when you make your choice, in your path of life, conform? or follow your path? You will decide which is your right way to go.

If you conform, you have to follow the rules. If you do not, you will find a uniqueness desired by those who conform.

You will be lost forever if you attempt to do both!

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