Skull and Cross Vicar

Skull and Cross Vicar

Lisa is a 5 feet something tall, a little plump, with short and curly hair. I suspect she is thirty five years in age. Always brightly dressed and a very interesting person. I like her very much indeed. Although when I first met her there were some reservation’s, in truth I thought she was seriously strange.

There I was talking to a woman who talks as fast as a machine gun, her words contain the same lethal message as the bullet’s coming out of the gun barrel. And, I had been caught in the salvo, I stopped talking all I wanted to do was listen.

Lisa would be ignored by ‘Joe Public’. More than likely she will have had more than her fair share of verbal abuse, I would not be surprised if her school days would have been a little difficult. As we should know, a tough life makes people strong or it breaks them. In Lisa’s case her life experiences have made her one of the most incredible people I have ever met.

Lets be clear, Lisa is not rich and this would not make a jot of difference to her, she is honest, forthright, clear in her direction and kind. She like’s things her way, I have already mentioned the bright and I really mean bright clothes, it is worth mentioning the sparkling hats, jewelry and shoes as well! I do have to say, that her love of ‘Hello Kitty’ products is bordering on the obsessive. This is Lisa and there is something very special about her. Something very special indeed.

She has a long suffering partner she calls “her fella” and its seems he has to put plenty of effort into the home. Like his girl friend he is always well turned out, his clothes may not be Paul Smith, but they are clean and tidy. I think Lisa and her ‘fella’ are well suited and I know there is a deep and knowing bond between them.

During a conversation the question of God came up.

She said this….

“I went on a course at my church. I have a favorite dress and you would think that God would allow me to wear my favorite dress in his house wouldn’t you? The man in the church is teaching me about God. So you would think that he knows what he is talking about wouldn’t you? My favorite dress is bright red and it is covered in skull and cross bones. The vicar and his friends tell me that I should wear clothes that are more respectful”

I laugh ~ Its a great story ~ and it has not finished.

“I know its God’s house and all that, but my clothes are who I am and people should respect me for who I am. I cannot and will not change my personality and why should I be judged for what I wear? I did not like the clothes that they wear and I did not say anything about it”

I replied “You stay as you are Lisa”

“I intend to” she says “When I was at school, people said I was thick, I have a very low I.Q. And the state assists me. Those God people know I do not have much money. They told me that I had not given a big enough contribution to the collection for the course. I do not think they know what its all about”

So there we have it, a brightly clothed humble woman. Puts the world to rights.

Lets not be too fast to judge people. From the way they dress, the way they speak or think. You do not have to be a genius to have common sense.

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