I Am One Of The Links In The Chain



I Am One Of The Links In The Chain

I had an appointment to see someone, a few hours before the person called me and said the meeting would have to be cancelled due to a serious problem. Thats the way life goes. Two days later I was talking to a friend, who mentioned that they had a meeting with the same person a few days before and the meeting had to be cancelled.

Nothing in this, this is the way life goes.

Until I discovered the ‘excuse’ used was the same one that had been used for me.

This is the way life goes, people do make any excuse rather than just saying, they forgot, they did not get up, they have not got the time, they have something better to do. In this instance, I had just had enough, not of the person, I had had enough of being part of this type of situation. Over a few days of deep thought, I decided I was no longer going to allow myself to … let myself down, due to false expectations which I had created myself.

I accepted, I was part of the ‘excuse’ and decided I would no longer be part of anyones excuse’s.

I worked with someone who had gone to an audition for a very good part in a show, she was a brilliant actress and is now a designer.

“The audition was at one in the afternoon in London. I got up at six, showered, put on the right clothes for the day, had some coffee and arrived at the station well on time. The train was half an hour late, no problem, I had accounted for all delays by buying the more expensive early ticket. I was on the train before nine and the journey was only one hour thirty minutes. After half an hour there was an announcement, the train was going to be delayed for up to two hours! I phoned the theatre and explained the situation. This was my second audition so it had a fixed time, and the director and producer were going to make the decision on the day”

The director is a very well known, he is a household name and the ‘show’ became very well known in its time. The designer continues her story.

“I arrived at the theatre at one! Only to be told that I had missed the audition, as the latest time for signing in was noon. Could you please ask? I begged. A few minutes later the personal assistant told me the director would see me. I was really well prepared, I knew the words inside out! What happened next broke me”

“Do not even think you are going to audition” said the great man. “Who do you think you are to let me and the whole of the theatre company down in this way? Do you think there can be any excuse for this total lack in discipline? No! No! No! I will not see you today. There are many people who would walk a thousand miles to audition in front of me. You have let yourself down! Good Afternoon to you”

“I should have gone to London the night before. It was my own fault” She told me.

The designer never acted again.

This is the way life is. Decisions made in life are links in never ending chains of events, very often one can lead to a tipping point from which there is no return. A train drivers strike. Not considering what you are saying, a tough employer, self blame, lack of understanding, taking advantage, someone taking advantage of you, whatever the situation, no matter how good or bad we are part of the situation.

And sometimes…
A link in the chain snaps!!

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